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Semey residents suffer from smoking boiler house 06 марта 2014, 18:09

Residents of one of the regions of Semey city are stifled with smoke issuing from a boiler house.
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Residents of one of the regions of Semey city in East Kazakhstan Oblast are stifled with smoke issuing from a boiler house, Tengrinews reports. People say that the Gabbasov boiler house has been disgorging lots smoke lately. Residents of the nearby area are suffering the most, because they live in direct proximity to the smoking heater. "We sometimes can't even approach the school with our children normally, because to this terrible smoke, especially when the wind is blowing in our direction. We have to use medicine just to be able to walk the streets. We no longer hang our laundry out do dry, because it becomes all black, we have to dry everything inside our houses," Svetlana Komalikova complains. Pensioner Khaisha Kenchimbayeva, also a resident of the nearby area built-up with private houses, says she lives right on the opposite side of the street from the boiler house. Every single day the woman has to cover her front door with a dense texture and calk the seams with cotton wool to prevent the back smoke from penetrating into her house. "I start my day by checking the direction of the wind. If it blows towards our house, I know that I will be feeling sick all day and have a headache, and that my house will be filled with smoke from burnt coal," she says. People remember that during the Soviet time people were not allowed to settle or live near hazardous facilities, including boilers. And when the city boiler was constructed near the residential area built-up with private houses, the authorities promised to provide new housing and resettle the people, and plant a park around the boiler. But then the Soviet Union collapsed and it never happened. Residents of the area suffering from the smoke have requested the administration of the boiler house to install a filter on the boiler pipe to reduce the emissions. But the boiler house says that all the municipal heat sources smoke this way, and none of them have any filters installed. The administration is sure that the residents of the area are suffering from smoke coming from their own furnaces, not the municipal one, because the pipe of the boiler is too high for the smoke to get to the neighbouring areas, they say.

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