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Новости по теме: dinosaurs По вашему запросу найдено: 18 материалов
08.06.2016 16:53 Science, Technologies
The prevailing theory that mammals only flourished after an asteroid strike wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago is doubly wrong.
04.12.2014 16:05 Entertainment, Style
A rare dinosaur skeleton goes on display at London's Natural History museum -- the first to be exhibited there in a century.
09.09.2014 14:23 Science, Technologies
A rare discovery of dinosaur bones in Tanzania has led scientists to identify a new species of long-extinct, leaf-eating dinosau.
05.07.2014 19:07 Science, Technologies
A few months ago, Argentine scientists found the remains of a giant dinosaur. Now they look forward to digging up hundreds more fossils, but what they really want is the big one's head.
19.05.2014 13:31 Science, Technologies
Paleontologists in Argentina's remote Patagonia region have discovered fossils of what may be the largest dinosaur ever, amid a vast cache of fossils that could shed light on prehistoric life.
21.03.2014 16:36 Science, Technologies
Nicknamed the "chicken from hell," a newly identified species of feathered dinosaur as tall as a human roamed North America at least 66 million years ago.
13.03.2014 12:09 Science, Technologies
A pint-sized tyrannosaur braved the frigid Arctic and feasted on fellow dinosaurs 70 million years ago, according to a report Wednesday on a new species identified from fossilized skull bones in Alaska.
07.03.2014 09:49 Science, Technologies
A new dinosaur species discovered in Portugal dominated the food chain 150 million years ago -- the Tyrannosaurus Rex of its time.
19.02.2014 17:09 Science, Technologies
A Malaysian university unveiled on Wednesday what researchers called the first dinosaur fossil ever found in the country -- the tooth of a fish-eating predator estimated to be at least 75 million years old.
18.07.2013 17:53 Science, Technologies
Long-necked plant-grazing dinosaurs that roamed the Earth 150 million years ago evolved a nifty way of fixing broken teeth.
18.07.2013 11:21 Environment
Palaeontologists in Utah on Wednesday said they had found the fossil of a strange horned dinosaur which roamed an island continent known as Laramidia.
17.07.2013 11:30 Science, Technologies
A broken T. rex tooth found in another dinosaur's tail bone offers the first hard evidence that the king of all meat-eating beasts hunted live prey.
01.04.2013 09:21 Entertainment, Style
An eccentric Australian mining magnate who is building a replica of the ill-fated Titanic on Saturday unveiled his latest scheme -- a park of giant robotic dinosaurs.
09.02.2013 10:23 Science, Technologies
Scientists said Thursday they are a step closer to proving the death blow for dinosaurs 66 million years ago was a gigantic comet or asteroid that struck near Mexico.
29.12.2012 17:14 Crime
A man accused of smuggling 70-million-year-old dinosaur skeletons, including a Tyrannosaur, into the United States pleaded guilty in court Thursday.
19.10.2012 15:04 Strange News
A US man accused of smuggling 70 million year old dinosaur skeletons into the United States, including a toothy relative of the bigger Tyrannosaurus rex, was arrested on Wednesday in Florida.
05.10.2012 14:27 Environment
Researchers have identified a species of puny dinosaur so odd looking -- quills like a porcupine, a parrot-like beak and fangs like a vampire -- it probably deserved a small part in "Jurassic Park."
03.12.2011 11:55 Science, Technologies
Kostanay biologists have made a sensational finding in Kushmurun coal mine located in Kostanay oblast in the center-north of Kazakhstan.