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14.06.2016 14:59 Markets
A huge overhang in oil stocks will keep a cap on any further oil price rises even as supply and demand move towards balance: IEA
02.12.2014 14:05 Markets
According to Vice Minister for Investments and Development, Kazakhstan has a vast cement production potential, however in the current year the country has imported over 1 million tons of cement.
26.10.2013 13:00 Military
Pakistan on Friday renewed demands for an end to US drone strikes on its territory as two UN experts called for greater transparency in the use of the weapons.
30.05.2013 17:33 Politics
The United States demanded the immediate withdrawal of Hezbollah fighters from Syria on Wednesday, saying their active role in combat there was an "extremely dangerous escalation."
11.01.2013 11:26 Unrest
Peace talks to resolve the Centrafrican rebel crisis were suspended, with no settlement in sight after the rebels demanded that President Francois Bozize resign and be brought before the ICC for war crimes.
22.12.2012 16:40 Unrest
Indian police on Saturday baton-charged, tear-gassed and fired water cannon at demonstrators who were demanding better safety for women following the brutal gang-rape of a student last weekend.
22.12.2012 15:00 Laws, Initiatives
Film, television and music stars including Jeremy Renner, Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce have recorded a hard-hitting video urging action on gun control following the Newtown school massacre.
02.04.2012 11:33 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstan models are in demand in Europe and South-East Asia.
15.02.2012 12:20 Markets
The number of vacancies increased by 43 percent in 2011.
05.10.2011 13:31 Kazakhstan
There is no risk of drastic downfall of the global demand for uranium: Sergey Yashin, KazAtomProm Nuclear Company Vice Chairman of the Board.