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Gulf monarchs seek united front at annual summit Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates face regional divisions, but will struggle to find common ground.
09 декабря 2015
Photo © tengrinews Kazakhstan to export lamb to Bahrain and later to China and Iran Kazakhstan's agriculture development holding KazAgro has started exporting meat to Bahrain.
19 сентября 2014
Senior US diplomat 'unwelcome' by Bahrain Bahrain has told a senior US diplomat, who has met with representatives of the country's opposition, that he was "unwelcome" in the kingdom and should "leave immediately."
08 июля 2014
Aset Issekeshev. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan to cooperate with Bahrain in aluminum production Kazakhstan and Bahrain have signed a memorandum on cooperation in aluminum production at the Bahrain-Kazakhstan: Strategic Partnership business forum.
16 апреля 2014
President Nursultan Nazarbayev meeting King of Bahrain Sheikh Hamad bin Isa bin Salman Al-Khalifa. Kazakhstan and Bahrain to promote Islamic banking in Kazakhstan We are interested in Bahrain’s practices in this realm as the country is a major center of Islamic finances”, President Nazarbayev said following his talks with King of Bahrain Sheikh Hamad bin Isa bin Salman Al-Khalifa in Astana April 14.
15 апреля 2014
Kazakhstan intending to boost trade turnover with Bahrain It’s the first official visit of Sheikh Ḥamad ibn ʿIsā Āl Khalīfah to Kazakhstan.
14 апреля 2014
Bakhyt Batyshev. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan appoints new ambassador to Bahrain Bakhyt Batyshev has been appointed new Ambassador of Kazakhstan in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
26 марта 2014
Two Bahrain children wounded planting bomb: police Two children, aged 10 and 11, were wounded while planting a roadside bomb in a Shiite village in Bahrain where a blast killed three policemen this week.
06 марта 2014
US to maintain 35,000 troops in Gulf region: Hagel The United States is committed to maintaining a 35,000-strong force in the Gulf region regardless of a nuclear deal with Iran, Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel said Saturday in Bahrain.
07 декабря 2013
©Reuters/Akhtar Soomro Middle East unrest fuels Sunni-Shiite rift Relations between Sunni and Shiite Muslims in the Middle East could plunge to new lows as the violence in Syria worsens and sectarian rhetoric looms in upcoming Iraqi elections, experts say.
27 ноября 2013
US Navy bolsters presence in Gulf The US Navy has deployed three additional coastal patrol ships to its Fifth Fleet headquarters in Bahrain, bolstering America's presence in the strategic Gulf.
04 июля 2013
US has no 'plan B' for Bahrain naval base: officer The US military has failed to prepare a realistic "plan B" if political turmoil forces the closure of a vital naval base in Bahrain.
27 июня 2013
UN warns Bahrain protest ban could worsen tensions UN leader Ban Ki-moon said Thursday that Bahrain's move to ban protests could "aggravate" tensions in the Gulf state.
03 ноября 2012
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