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07.11.2015 11:21 Politics
Estonia's premier raised doubts Friday about the decision of three Baltic states to calculate how much money they lost under some 50 years of Soviet occupation.
20.08.2015 10:57 Crime
The United States called on Russia to release an Estonian intelligence officer who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for spying and weapons possession, calling the charges "baseless."
01.07.2015 10:50 Politics
Russia's Prosecutor General is reviewing the legality of the independence of the three Baltic countries from the Soviet Union.
18.06.2015 15:08 Cinema, Music
The Spirit of Tengri, two-day open-air festival of contemporary ethnic music has become highly discussed event on social media
10.06.2015 18:30 Cinema, Music
The contemporary ethnic music festival The Spirit of Tengri aims to present yet unknown Kazakhstani ethnic musicians internationally.
10.06.2015 18:12 Cinema, Music
A young and ambitious band from Estonia Trad.Attack! has energized the crow with a contemporary take on traditional Estonian folklore.
07.06.2015 19:37 Music
For the first time The Spirit of Tengri has invited European bands to perform in Almaty.
06.06.2015 18:52 Entertainment, Style
Some of the participants of The Spirit of Tengri have come to Kazakhstan for the first time to perform in front of thousands of people.
30.05.2015 12:05 Markets
Russia is to ban fish imports from the Baltic states of Latvia and Estonia, its food safety watchdog said Friday, citing violations.
27.02.2015 14:47 Military
Estonia's centre-left coalition is poised to return to power in an election marked by nerves in the NATO member over the military resurgence of Russia.
25.02.2015 12:16 Military
Estonia marked its independence day with a military parade featuring NATO hardware and troops on its eastern border with Russia amid heightened east-west tensions over Ukraine.
05.01.2015 14:12 Politics
Starting from January 1 of this year, the Embassy of Estonia in Astana will serve as the contact point embassy of NATO in Kazakhstan.
27.10.2014 13:08 Politics
Estonian Finance Minister Juergen Ligi announced his resignation after he caused a furore with Facebook comments seen as insulting to the education minister.
11.09.2014 12:45 Markets
Lithuania and fellow Baltic states Estonia and Latvia are the countries most vulnerable to a Russian block on EU food exports.
01.09.2014 13:49 Politics
President Barack Obama will go to Estonia this week with a simple message for Vladimir Putin -- don't mess with NATO's ex-Soviet members.
15.07.2014 15:11 Laws, Initiatives
The Senate of Kazakhstan has ratified the Kazakhstan-Estonian agreement that encourages and protects mutual investments.
03.07.2014 16:18 Markets
Kazakhstan is going to launch 75 new international air routes by 2020.
15.06.2014 15:01 Politics
Estonian Embassy in Astana will represent NATO in Kazakhstan starting from January 1, 2015.
24.04.2014 11:58 Military
Four French fighter jets will join NATO air patrols over the Baltics starting on Sunday, France's chief of defense staff said Wednesday during a visit to Washington.
23.04.2014 13:50 Military
The United States is deploying about 600 troops to Poland and the Baltics to underscore its commitment to NATO allies amid tensions with Russia over the crisis in Ukraine, the Pentagon said.
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