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Estonian folklore energizes crowd at The Spirit of Tengri in Almaty 10 июня 2015, 18:12

A young and ambitious band from Estonia Trad.Attack! has energized the crow with a contemporary take on traditional Estonian folklore.
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Sandra of TRAD.ATTACK. Photo © Nikolay Kolessnikov Sandra of TRAD.ATTACK. Photo © Nikolay Kolessnikov

A young and ambitious band from Estonia Trad.Attack! has energized the crow with a contemporary take on traditional Estonian folklore, Tengrinews reports.

The Estonian musicians were truly creative and entertaining establishing a bond with the audience and communicating in between the songs. Trad.Attack performed quite unusual songs that presented different things - from noises Estonian women make while preparing butter to Estonians&rsquo love for starts and sky. The band sang in Estonian and played national instruments such as parmupille and torupille, an Estonian version of a jewish harp. Trad.Attack! also used records from archives in songs, thus, bringing old masters of folklore singing to the stage with them.

&ldquoThe audience was great, we liked it a lot. We saw people not only listening to our music but also being inspired by our music and dancing. It is a great show. We visit various festivals, but this one is different from all the festival we have been to. There are so many bands performing here. We got to know a lot of musicians and befriended lots of interesting people. We only wish we had more time to perform. We can sing for hours for your audience. (&hellip) With our music we try to tell others about our culture and bring the atmosphere of our ancestors. It is wonderful that people in Kazakhstan now know about our culture and us. (&hellip) It is our first time in Kazakhstan. We want to visit local mountains and even make an acoustic video,&rdquo Sandra of Trad. Attack said.

Folklore motives from Estonia were followed by a creative mix of ethnic throat singing and jazz performed by a Kazakh singer Yedil Khussainov and Satzhan Project.

&ldquoI am happy to be able to perform at the festival. I have presented a new program today (&hellip) I am happy that the audience liked it. Performing at the open-air event was very unusual and interesting for me. It is certainly different from performing in a building. Here you get a special atmosphere. Kazakhstan needs such projects. Ethnic music is what Kazakhstan can give to the world. We show our Kazakh culture and spirit through ethnic music,&rdquo Khussainov said.

Hanggai from Inner Mongolia performed for the second day at the two-day The Spirit of Tengri 2015 festival on June 7. The ethnic rock band sang old Mongolian songs in contemporary rock style. Hanggai promotes Mongolia and Mongolian culture abroad by performing traditional music with a mixture of rock and punk.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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