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The Spirit of Tengri promotes Kazakhstani ethnic musicians worldwide 10 июня 2015, 18:30

The contemporary ethnic music festival The Spirit of Tengri aims to present yet unknown Kazakhstani ethnic musicians internationally.
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Photo © Nikolay Kolessnikov Photo © Nikolay Kolessnikov

The contemporary ethnic music festival The Spirit of Tengri aims to present yet unknown Kazakhstani ethnic musicians internationally, Tengrinews reports citing the mastermind of the project Zhongar Kasteev.

The festival was created, according to Kasteev, as a space for Kazakhstani artists to perform along with international musicians, share experience and promote local music abroad. &ldquoAlmost a half of the artists performing this year at the festival are from Kazakhstan. It is a significant victory for us. (&hellip) We are preparing our musicians. They are going to perform on the stage in Budapest. It is very symbolic since Magyars are related to us. They are a stronghold of nomadic culture in Europe,&rdquo Kasteev said.

Batyr Kazybayev, General Director of Alash Media Group, the organizer of the festival said that the participants were thoroughly handpicked. &ldquoWe received applications from more than 40 bands. We did our best to pick only the best content. (&hellip) The Spirit of Tengri is becoming a large international ethnic festival. The most important thing is that we are doing it in our country. Such valuable cultural things should be taking place in the land of Kazakhstan,&rdquo Kazybayev said.

General Director of Alash Media Group Batyr Kazybayev, creator of The Spirit of Tengri Zhongar Kasteev and Director of Tengri FM radio Madina Umorbekova. Photo © Nikolay Kolessnikov

The Spirit of Tengri is not the first music project created by the nation-wide radio Tengri FM. &ldquoEveryone probably remembers our First Rock Award and other rock festival. We continue to promote Kazakhstani rock bands. The Spirit of Tengri festival is a place for our musicians to showcase themselves at the international level. It is great that famous foreign musicians are performing in Almaty alongside our bands. We grow with each year. The level of professionalism increases and the geography of our participants expands. We are very hospitable and ready to dive into the vast musical world. As musicians say, the language of art has not borders,&rdquo Madina Umorbekova of the Tengri FM radio said.

The Spirit of Tengri 2015 took place on June 6 and 7 in Almaty. The free open-air event brought musicians and bands from 11 countries and gathered more than 10000 people. For the first time, European bands Trad.Attack! from Estonia and Holdviola from Hungary came to Kazakhstan. Kazakhstani band Arkaiym opened the first day of the festival with a well-known throat singer Radik Tyulyush from Tuva, Akrgymak band from Bashkortostan, Chylys from Mountain Shoriya and Sharapat band from Kazakhstan. The two-day festival provided an excursion into the history and culture of Kazakhstan, Hungary, Estonia, Bashkortostan, Turkey, Georgia, Inner Mongolia, Mountain Shoriya and other countries and regions.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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