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The Spirit of Tengri becomes highly discussed on social media


Photo © Nikolay Kolessnikov Photo © Nikolay Kolessnikov

The Spirit of Tengri 2015, a two-day open-air festival of contemporary ethnic music in Kazakhstan, has become a highly discussed event on social media, Tengrinews reports.

The Spirit of Tengri 2015, a two-day open-air festival of contemporary ethnic music in Kazakhstan, has become a highly discussed event on social media, Tengrinews reports.

Social media users marked the atmosphere of the festival and its musical content created by musicians from 11 countries.

Beknur Kisikov, an entrepreneur and social commentator said that The Spirit of Tengri was setting a higher standard for all other local music events. &ldquoUnique iridescent rhythms, containing the unbelievable pallet of instruments and voices magically tearing down musical limitations, set the festival, which is by the way not a commercial project, apart from other musical events. I liked all the bands. The smell of green leaves and evening coolness of summer reminded me of Aziya Dausy (Voice of Asia) competition. The similarities were throat singing, exotic instruments, sincerity of performers and celebratory audience. I want to specifically note the performance of the wonderful singer from Mountain Shoriya Chytys accompanied by DJ Nariman Khassenov - they created a striking musical duo. As Nariman said, there were only 13 thousand Shoriyans left. The beauty of music saves this pragmatic and mercantile world. I thank Zhan Kasteev (the creator of the festival) for the grand event. The Spirit of Tengri is the best,&rdquo Kisikov posted on Facebook.

Kazakhstani film director Lev Mariupolskiy made black and white photos of the Festival. &ldquoStopped at The Spirit of Tengri. It is pretty awesome,&rdquo he posted.

Singer of Hanggai. Photo ©Lev Mariupolskiy/Facebook

Social media user Murat Yelemes posted photos and videos from the festival sharing his experience at The Spirit of Tengri. &ldquoLast year, Kazakhstani band Sharapat became the discovery of the year. The musicians took their place on my musical wall. The musical wall that I created helps me control the informational torrent that covers us more and more. This year, Neo-Ethno-Folk group Arkaiym followed in their footsteps. (&hellip) Last year&rsquos non-stop assault on legs, ears and eyes accompanied by lots of positive emotions and euphoria called The Spirit of Tengri has evolved into an 8-hour festivity lasting two days. I am so thankful to the organizers! You literally make our musical lives boil with emotions,&rdquo Yelems wrote.

Chyltys from Mountain Shoriya and Murat Yelemes. Photo courtesy of Facebook.com.

Last year, Galiya Faizulina wrote the best comment about The Spirit of Tengri. This year she came back to the festival and wrote about it on social media. &ldquoOur festival is the main cultural even in the life of Almaty. It is for personal pleasure, not for work. Contemporary ethnic music means a living tradition, cultural diversity and the spirit of Almaty,&rdquo Faizulina posted noting Akraiym and Sharapat were her favorite Kazakhstani bands. She also noted Radik Tyulyush, Turkish band Baba Zula and Georgina ethnic jazz band The Shin. &ldquoIt was great to see young mothers dancing to music, while young fathers were carrying their 1 or 2 year old children,&rdquo she wrote.

Hit TV editor Artyom Krylov also expressed his admiration on his Facebook page. &ldquoI think it is important to thank #TengriFM for this unique and truly cultural even &ndash the two-day festival #SpiritOfTengri. Also, I want to thank #KaspiBank and other partners of the festival for investing in things like this. Bashkirs #Argymak that performed on both days are my favorites this year. But in terms of sound, I was overwhelmed by Baba Zula from Turkey &ndash psychedelic dub was ultra-cool. All in all, it was a unique content with surprisingly great sound (&hellip) After events like this one I feel like shouting with excitement," Krylov wrote.

Musicians who participated in the festival, too, wrote about The Spirit of Tengri and posted photos on social media.

&ldquoThe event was great. (&hellip) I am honored to be a part of it. I hope the world will see the festival,&rdquo the founder of Aldaspan Nurzhan Toishy said.

Estonian Trad.Attack posted pictures from the festival on their official Facebook page. Musicians not only performed at the festival, but also went sightseeing in the city and took photos of Almaty. &ldquoThats how crazy it was in Kazakhstan and Spirit of Tengri! Great audiance - Raqmet/Thank you!&rdquo the musicians posted.

Turkish band Baba Zula posted: &ldquoIn The midst of The praire And The Mountains at Almaty Thank you friends for your support And great Music&rdquo.

Nowerigian musician Ole Jørn Myklebust who performed with Nordic Namgar took a panoramic picture from the stage.


 Photo © Ole Jorn Myklebust/Facebook

Blogger Anastasiya Akhemtova posted photos from the festival.

&ldquoHanggai in Almaty. #mongolyazazhgli #spiritoftengri Tomorrow is one more festival day. Who is coming with me? Tengri team thank you so much!&rdquo Akhemtova wrote.

Yekaterina Yamshikova who performed with Akrgymak, too, posted photos from the festival and sightseeing in Almaty on her Instagram page.

The Contemporary Ethnic Music Festival The Spirit of Tengri took place in Almaty for the third time. This year, the festival gathered bands and singers from 11 countries. For the first time, European bands performed at The Spirit of Tengri. The free open-air event was organized by Tengri FM radio station and Kaspi Bank.

Writing by Gyuzel Kamalova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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