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wind energy

Новости по теме: wind-energy По вашему запросу найдено: 24 материалов
08.11.2014 18:22 Science, Technologies
Valentin Nizovkin, a resident of Almaty, has invented yet another energy installation. This time it involves artificial tornadoes to convert wind energy into electricity.
16.09.2014 00:31 Industry, Infrastructure
A new $550 million-worth wind power plant will be constructed in Zhambyl Oblast
16.06.2014 12:49 Markets
The Government of Kazakhstan will subsidize 50% of expenses to stimulate remote households to install renewable energy sources-based generators.
29.04.2014 10:02 Environment
The smallest and least known of Spain's Canary Islands, El Hierro, is making a splash by becoming the first island in the world fully energy self-sufficient through combined water and wind power.
11.04.2014 12:07 Emergencies
A strong wind blew off parts of roofing from a school building in Taldykorgan and threw them at a 10-y.o. boy who was walking by leaving deep cuts in his belly.
09.09.2013 15:09 Markets
China will finance construction of the wind power station worth 15 billion tenge ($100 million) in Pavlodar oblast.
19.08.2013 12:37 Industry, Infrastructure
A scientist has invented a new wind generator specially for Kazakhstan weather conditions.
09.08.2013 19:02 Industry, Infrastructure
Green power station will produce enough energy to meet around 1-2 percent of the overall Kazakhstan’s electricity needs by 2020.
31.05.2013 18:08 Industry, Infrastructure
A 15 MW wind power plant will be constructed in Karaganda oblast in central Kazakhstan.
30.04.2013 17:27 Markets
The Bank will grant a loan of $94 million for a 10-year period to construct the wind power plant.
07.04.2013 14:00 Industry, Infrastructure
Foreign energy firms have flocked to a narrow region of southern Mexico, known as one of the world's windiest places, to build towering wind turbines, but some projects have angered and torn indigenous villages.
30.03.2013 10:23 Science, Technologies
Canadian researchers have developed a ground-breaking method which may ultimately enable excess energy created by wind turbines and solar panels to be stored for later use.
06.02.2013 11:02 Industry, Infrastructure
Technologies for production of components for development of green energy are going to be introduced in Kazakhstan.
05.02.2013 19:46 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan Prime-Minister instructed that all the EXPO-2017 facilities use power generated from alternative energy sources.
05.02.2013 19:37 Industry, Infrastructure
Individuals with no access to power generation systems can get 50 percent of the cost of 5kW generator from at the budget: Minister.
21.01.2013 19:10 Science, Technologies
Samruk Green Energy and KazAgroFinance have signed an agreement on joint sales of small wind generators.
10.10.2012 12:14 Industry, Infrastructure
Wind generators were purchased in Novonikolskoye village of North-Kazakhstan oblast.
11.09.2012 14:22 Science, Technologies
There's enough wind to power the world many times over, according to a study out Monday, but it would take a massive infrastructure investment to harness it that analysts say is not realistic.
29.03.2012 16:30 Industry, Infrastructure
The share of renewable energy sources in Kazakhstan will make 10 percent by 2030.
03.11.2011 13:39 Industry, Infrastructure
Potential of renewable energy sources in Kazakhstan is evaluated by experts at over a trillion kilowatt-hours per year.
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