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A man in Kazakhstan produces energy creating artificial tornados 08 ноября 2014, 18:22

Valentin Nizovkin, a resident of Almaty, has invented yet another energy installation. This time it involves artificial tornadoes to convert wind energy into electricity.
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A resident of Almaty Valentin Nizovkin has built a unique wind farm that creates a semblance of a tornado and produces electricity from it, Tengrinews reports.

The station is a conical tube with lateral slits that are closed by valves. These valves open with the wind. This allows air flows to enter the tube and create circular whirls.

In addition, the invention utilizes solar energy, which heats up the air at the bottom of the tube, causing it to rise. Generation of electricity occurs in a turbine mounted on the top of the tube.

Nizovkin has not yet measured the energy efficiency of the installation but theoretical calculations suggest that the turbine can generate 10 kilowatts of electricity at the wind speed of 12 meters per second. He hopes that the capacity will be enough to supply a private house with energy.

A prototype of the wind turbine is set up in Shelek corridor near Almaty. Nizovkin has patented the invention and intends to present it at the EXPO-2017.

Previously, the inventor created a solar battery that follows the Sun. Thanks to this it produces twice as much energy as regular solar batteries do. Electricity obtained this way is quite cheap because Nizovkin was able to enhance the effectiveness of the photoplates.
Reporting by Dmitry Khegai, writing by Dinara Urazova


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