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Researcher suggests new wind generators for Kazakhstan 19 августа 2013, 12:37

A scientist has invented a new wind generator specially for Kazakhstan weather conditions.
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Buktukov's wind generator - 6. Photo courtesy of bourabai.kz Buktukov's wind generator - 6. Photo courtesy of bourabai.kz
Kazakhstan scientist has suggested producing a new kind of wind generators in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports. Traditional wind generators bought for Kazakhstan from abroad cannot function steadily in the local weather conditions, inventor Nikolai Buktukov said. This is related to the fact that they only work at the wind speed from 5 to 25 meters per second, while Kazakhstan winds frequently reach the speed of up to 40 meters per second. Besides, foreign wind generators work only if the wind direction does not change all the time. However, according to Buktukov, Kazakhstan has no such consistencies. Besides, an important weakness of the foreign wind generators is their high cost. The generator’s blades require precise calibration that drives the cost up. Besides, they are made of carbon fiber and this material is much more expensive than regular steel. The generators cost over $1,000 per every kilowatt of their capacity. From the consumer point of view, the self-cost of one kilowatt-hour of energy produce by the imported wind generators stands at around 30 tenge ($0.2). The principal difference of Buktukov’s wind generators is that their blades are made in the form of scoops and spin in the horizontal plane. This enables the generator to remain operable regardless of the wind direction. Besides, the generator’s design expands the range of operating wind speeds (from 2 to 40 meters per second). Buktukov's generator costs $600 per one kilowatt. And the self-cost of one kilowatt-hour of energy it generates makes 4 tenge ($0.03). Wind generator constructed by Nikolai Buktukov The low self-cost results from Buktukov’s generator's efficiency being 2-3 times higher than that of the foreign generators, the inventor added. In case of strong winds the traditional generators switch off to prevent failures, while Buktukov’s generator can continue working non-stop, he explained. The new kind of generators are made only in small shops for now, Buktukov added. Several farmers have already placed orders for the generators. They say their foreign-made generators failed because of the strong winds. Russia and Ukraine are also interested in the innovation, the researcher said. By Dmitriy Khegai

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