Kazakhstan to produce wind generators

06 february 2013, 11:02
Kazakhstan to produce wind generators - Photo by Danial Okassov©
Photo by Danial Okassov©
Technologies for production of components for development of green energy are going to be introduced in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Kazakhstan Minister of Industry and New Technologies Asset Issekeshev.

"We will support local innovators within the goal of developing innovations. As we said at the technological policy council, 75 critical technologies had been defined at a scientific-technological foresight meeting. 23 of them are green energy technologies. They include production of thermal elements, solar cells, wind generators using airflow concentrators, new generation batteries, technology of small units working on all fuel types and many other things. We already have 17 projects in alternative energy. They have all received the grants and other state support and cover solar and wind energy technologies," Issekeshev said at the government meeting.

In particular, he stated that the year's plan included implementation of a technological program for production of thermal elements and solar cells that will ensure development of the solar batteries plant in Astana.

In the end of 2012 Kazakhstan President instructed the government to search for the citizens who could bring glory to Kazakhstan's innovations around the world.

By Renat Tashkinbayev

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