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29.08.2016 14:14 Health
Singapore officials went door-to-door Monday to wipe out mosquitoes after the discovery of 41 locally transmitted cases of Zika virus.
09.03.2016 00:53 Health
Causing brain damage in babies and a rare neurological ailment in adults, the Zika virus is also linked to paralysis-causing myelitis.
26.06.2015 15:10 Laws, Initiatives
South Korea has introduced a new law designed to curb a MERS outbreak, tightening quarantine restrictions and imposing jail sentences on those who defy anti-infection measures.
22.06.2015 11:19 Health
South Korea reported three new cases of MERS as health authorities remained vigilant about the spread of the virus.
20.06.2015 11:01 Health
North Korea says it has developed a vaccine that is "very effective" in treating MERS, Ebola and AIDS, the state mouthpiece KCNA reported.
18.06.2015 13:44 Health
As South Korea scrambles to control an outbreak of the killer MERS virus, its fearful citizens have donned surgical masks en masse.
15.06.2015 13:28 Health
South Korea reported the 16th death in an expanding MERS outbreak and announced financial aid to the tourism industry.
11.06.2015 12:33 Health
South Korea reported 14 new cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), including the first pregnant woman infected by the potentially deadly virus.
10.06.2015 16:24 Health
South Korean President Park Geun-Hye has postponed a planned trip to the United States amid growing public alarm at the MERS outbreak which has now claimed nine lives.
09.06.2015 14:56 Health
South Korea Tuesday reported its seventh death from MERS as the government -- concerned about the economic impact -- said it hoped to end the crisis this week.
08.06.2015 09:12 Health
South Korea recorded its sixth death and biggest single day jump in Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) infections.
04.02.2015 10:05 Health
The World Health Organization said it had appointed its assistant director-general Bruce Aylward to head its overall response to the deadly Ebola outbreak.
21.01.2015 12:32 Finance
The World Bank trimmed its estimates of the economic damage of the Ebola epidemic.
31.12.2014 13:53 Finance
The International Monetary Fund is under mounting pressure to cancel the debts of the three poor West African countries hit hardest by Ebolaю
31.12.2014 12:17 Health
Jennifer Lawrence says she'd be fine if she got Ebola, in a video that encourages Americans to focus more on West Africans far more likely to die from the dreaded virus.
25.12.2014 15:05 Politics
Queen Elizabeth II will pay tribute in her annual Christmas Day broadcast to the "selflessness" of medical staff and aid workers fighting the Ebola epidemic.
13.12.2014 15:26 Health
Sierra Leone said it was banning any public Christmas celebrations as the spiralling caseload of Ebola infections continues to spread alarm.
28.11.2014 13:36 Health
British supermodel Naomi Campbell launched a pop-up fashion shop in east London to raise awareness of the spread of Ebola.
24.11.2014 16:32 Health
West Africa's regional bloc ECOWAS said on Sunday it will train 150 health workers this week to help tackle the deadly Ebola disease in the worst hit countries.
19.11.2014 14:44 Finance
Christine Lagarde, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, had just called for an increase in the country's budget deficit so that it could battle Ebola.
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