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09.03.2016 00:07 Internet
US regulators offer broadband subsidies to low-income Americans, saying that Internet access is "a prerequisite for full participation" in modern society.
05.02.2015 03:10 Politics
The Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan has proposed to abandon subsidization of grain exports in favour of other developments in agriculture.
24.04.2014 23:28 Finance
Kazakhstan will specify new terms of subsidizing agro-industrial projects before May 1 this year.
26.01.2013 18:14 Health
PepsiCo subsidiary Gatorade said Friday it was removing an ingredient from its popular citrus-flavored sports drink that has a second life as a fire retardant.
22.05.2012 17:47 Finance
Kazakhstan Minister of Agriculture told the senators about the mess in the industry and complained about insufficient funding.
27.09.2011 16:21 Finance
Minister of Economic Integration talked about an agreement on common rules of state support for the agricultural sector.
17.08.2011 17:43 Kazakhstan
According to him, the focus should shift from the so-called highly-scattered subsidies (2-3% of the costs per hectare) to solving three vital issues.
28.07.2011 14:25 Kazakhstan
Considered measures included guaranteed purchase of grain and making agricultural equipment leasing cheaper for end costumers.