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Новости по теме: shooting По вашему запросу найдено: 145 материалов
08.07.2016 15:16 Unrest
Snipers shot dead five police officers and injured six others in Dallas during a protest against police shootings of black men on Friday.
06.10.2015 11:24 Laws, Initiatives
Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton offered proposals Monday to tighten the nation's gun laws, even threating to do so by decree.
05.10.2015 14:27 Crime
In Roseburg, the small western US town thrown into the national spotlight last week by the shooting of nine students, it was time to reflect and pray.
02.10.2015 11:38 Politics
US presidential candidates took time from campaigning to reflect on Thursday's deadly mass shooting at an Oregon college, with Democrat Hillary Clinton calling for "sensible" gun law reform.
01.09.2015 15:41 Crime
President Barack Obama vowed to push for police officer safety after a Texas sheriff's deputy was gunned down from behind and shot multiple times at close range.
27.08.2015 13:15 Crime
The man suspected of killing two journalists as they carried out a live interview in Virginia died Wednesday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
27.08.2015 12:31 Crime
The White House issued a rapid call for Congress to pass gun control laws, after two journalists were shot to death during a live television broadcast.
27.06.2015 10:56 Crime
Tunisia cannot stand up to the jihadist threat alone, President Beji Caid Essebsi said after a gunman killed 28 people at a tourist resort, calling for a unified global strategy.
20.06.2015 11:18 Crime
A week ago, Dylann Roof is said to have bragged that he wanted to kill a bunch of people.
19.06.2015 11:17 Crime
The 21-year-old white gunman suspected of killing nine people at a black church in the southeastern US city of Charleston was arrested Thursday.
16.06.2015 15:51 Fun Stuff
Astana resident Vitaliy Petrov has captured the construction site of EXPO-2017 in Astana from bird’s eye view.
14.05.2015 10:16 Crime
American activist Michael Mohammed seeks contacts with the Kazakh government in order to "bring to justice" the police officer who killed a Kazakhstani citizen four years ago and a black man last month.
14.05.2015 06:32 Crime
Four years ago an unarmed man from Kazakhstan was shot dead with 11 bullets by Stephen Rankin. Now, a black man is shot dead on Walmart parking lot. By the same police officer.
28.10.2014 15:16 Crime
The alleged shooter whose gun rampage in a US school left three people dead invited five friends to lunch before opening fire on them.
14.10.2014 18:48 Art, Books
Kazakhstan's actresses participated in a photoshoot devoted to World Day of Chocolate on July 11, 2014.
27.09.2014 01:17 Sport
Kazakhstani shooter Olga Dovgun has won the gold in 50 meter rifle shooting at Asian Games in Incheon.
01.09.2014 18:07 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstani model Alena Subbotina was part of the recent advertising campaign of Armani, world famous Italian fashion house.
26.08.2014 11:40 Unrest
The black teenager whose shooting by a white officer revived the race debate in the USA was eulogized Monday as a victim of abusive policing.
25.08.2014 14:17 Unrest
Thousands are expected on Monday to attend the funeral of the unarmed black teen shot dead by a white policeman in Missouri.
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