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07.04.2016 14:21 Internet
A set of emoticons satirising Thailand's royal family have been removed by the messaging application Line.
28.11.2015 14:21 Politics
Queen Elizabeth II prepared for an action-packed final day of a state visit to Malta, including a picturesque boat trip around the Mediterranean island she once called home.
25.11.2015 11:36 People
Tickets to Britain's Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday celebrations sold out within hours as Buckingham Palace promised four days of pageantry "fit for the queen" including dancing and horse shows.
12.11.2015 15:16 Politics
British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn swore allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II after a debate over whether the left-wing republican would kneel before the monarch.
12.11.2015 13:47 People
New DNA tests on the remains of the last tsar Nicholas II confirm their authenticity after exhuming them in a bid to end a dispute with the Orthodox Church.
02.11.2015 10:17 People
Flight restrictions over the country home of Prince William and his wife Kate came into effect, with the authorities citing security considerations.
18.09.2015 11:32 Politics
The Labour Party's new leader Jeremy Corbyn is facing a new dilemma in his rocky first days in the job -- whether or not to kneel before Queen Elizabeth II.
10.09.2015 14:11 People
Britain celebrated Queen Elizabeth II becoming the country's longest-reigning monarch, a milestone the 89-year-old herself downplayed as "not one to which I have ever aspired."
09.09.2015 14:56 People
After reigning through the decline of the British empire and some of the worst scandals in royal history, Queen Elizabeth II is set to become Britain's longest-serving monarch.
03.09.2015 14:11 People
Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's longest-reigning monarchs, both came to the throne young yet remained a steady presence through eras of dramatic change.
27.08.2015 14:52 Politics
Monarchist Prime Minister Tony Abbott insisted that efforts to resurrect a push for Australia to become a republic were doomed despite his treasurer's new role as a bipartisan torchbearer for the movement.
14.08.2015 13:16 People
Britain's Prince Charles dreaded the prospect of divorce a year before he wed Princess Diana, suggests a letter he wrote in 1980 that is up for sale in the United States.
06.07.2015 10:35 People
Britain's Princess Charlotte was christened in an intimate ceremony, in the royal baby's second public appearance since her birth nine weeks ago to proud parents Prince William and Kate.
25.06.2015 12:39 Politics
Chancellor Angela Merkel joined Berliners in rolling out the red carpet for Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, with the monarch warning against a "division in Europe".
20.06.2015 13:14 Military
Prince Harry ended his career with the British army after 10 years' service that saw him fight on the front line twice in Afghanistan.
18.06.2015 10:01 People
Sweden's newest royal, born earlier this week to Princess Madeleine and sixth in line to the throne, will be named Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf.
16.06.2015 14:37 Politics
Felipe VI has strengthened the standing of Spain's monarchy in his first year as king, surprising the country by squaring up to scandal.
13.06.2015 13:59 People
Singer-songwriter Van Morrison was given a knighthood and Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne was made an OBE in Queen Elizabeth II's birthday honours announced.
07.06.2015 13:42 Entertainment, Style
The first photos of Britain's Princess Charlotte together with Prince George, who is pictured giving his baby sister a kiss.
27.05.2015 14:27 Politics
British Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservatives unveil their programme for government after a surprise clear win at this month's general election.
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