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05.09.2016 16:41 People
40-person staff is exclusively composed of patients from local psychiatric institutions in Training Cafe in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
26.09.2015 10:29 Politics
US President Barack Obama strongly criticized China's human rights record at a joint summit appearance with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.
12.09.2015 10:16 Crime
Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney downplayed her actor husband George's fears for her safety, after he voiced his concern on a US talk show following an attack on one of her co-counsel in the Maldives.
09.09.2015 11:50 Crime
Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney spent hours in a high security prison island in the Maldives consulting with former president Mohamed Nasheed.
11.08.2015 14:40 People
Nepal issued its first transgender passport Monday in a move which rights groups hailed as a breakthrough.
17.06.2015 10:32 Laws, Initiatives
Russia's lower house of parliament gave initial backing to a bill requiring Internet search sites to remove access to inaccurate and outdated personal information.
13.06.2015 11:18 Politics
UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon called on ex-Soviet Uzbekistan to end the practice of forced labour in its strategic cotton sector.
08.06.2015 16:21 Politics
Luxembourg went to the polls in a landmark referendum on whether to give foreign nationals, who make up nearly half the population, full voting rights.
05.06.2015 11:35 Politics
US lawmakers wrote Communist leader Xi Jinping on anniversary of the Tiananmen square crackdown, saying China's continued rights abuse is a "barrier" to improved bilateral ties.
02.06.2015 10:40 Politics
Five prominent rights groups on Monday urged German Chancellor Angela Merkel to press for an end to human rights abuses in Egypt.
25.04.2015 16:03 Politics
French President Francois Hollande raised rights abuses with ex-Soviet Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev at talks focused on its simmering dispute with Armenia.
14.04.2015 14:41 Politics
British Prime Minister David Cameron is to pledge to extend the "right-to-buy" housing policy of 1980s predecessor Margaret Thatcher.
11.04.2015 12:51 Politics
UN chief Ban Ki-moon called for a new push to resolve the conflict over Western Sahara and stressed that cooperation to address human rights could help find a settlement.
07.02.2015 12:43 Laws, Initiatives
The United States will appoint an openly gay official as a special envoy to promote the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people overseas.
14.01.2015 13:32 People
Brazil's military has voiced concern over a bill that would penalize homophobia and discrimination against gays.
28.12.2014 10:48 Crime
Toiling 12 hours a day in a Malaysian electronics factory amid broken promises on wages and working conditions, Manu dreams of returning to his poor Nepal village.
26.12.2014 16:32 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan Minister of Justice Berik Imashev observed recent trends in registration and protection of trademarks, copyrights and other types of intellectual property in Kazakhstan.
26.09.2014 14:08 People
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was named one of the top "gay icons" of the last thirty years in recognition of his work for gay rights
16.09.2014 14:01 Crime
Russia said it would probe Euronews after the news channel broadcast footage of Ukrainian fighters using the portrait of Vladimir Putin, styled as Hitler.
16.08.2014 10:06 Crime
Two fathers' rights campaigners were arrested for a four-day demonstration on top of the main entrance to London's Hyde Park.
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