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Religious situation in Kazakhstan is in pre-crisis state: IPS Religious situation in Kazakhstan has improved compared to the end of 2011, but its is still in pre-crisis condition: Expert.
25 апреля 2012
Nazarbayev invited Pope Benedict XVI to religious summit in Astana Nazarbayev invited Pope Benedict XVI to Astana for the 4th Summit of the leaders of world and traditional religions.
20 марта 2012
©REUTERS/Fayaz Aziz Registration of religious institutions to finish by November 2012 in Kazakhstan Religious institutions in Kazakhstan has until November 2012 to get registered or re-registred.
01 марта 2012
Are religious parties possible in Kazakhstan? Leaders of key religions in Kazakhstan do not support the idea of creation of religious parties.
13 февраля 2012
Witness's photo @akhmetbekova PHОTO & VIDEO: New Astana mosque Khazret Sultan is on fire New mosque Khazret Sultan in on fire in Astana. 20 vehicles involved in the firefighting operation have been unable to tackle the fire.
15 января 2012
'New Muslims' appeared in Kazakhstan: Expert Calling themselves the followers of “pure” Islam, or Salafis, they are isolating themselves from the majority of “traditional” Muslims: Expert.
23 ноября 2011
Islam could penetrate into government agencies in Kazakhstan: Expert International press-conference in Almaty called New Trends in Development of Islam and Their Effect on Stability in Central Asia was held in Almaty.
22 ноября 2011
Kairat Lama Sharif, Head of the Agency for Religion. Recent suicide bombings are not related to the law on religion: Head of the Agency for Religion Local bodies to regulate religion issues have been launched in all country’s regions, according to him.
22 ноября 2011
©RIA Novosti/Maksim Bogodvid Supreme Mufti called Kazakhstan women to not wear hijabs Kazakhs have beautiful national clothes, but it is not hijab. We should wear Afghanistan's national clothes: Supreme Mufti.
18 ноября 2011
Neutralizing criminals is no business of religious leaders: Zhambyl oblast Imam Head Imam of Zhambyl oblast replied to accusations of the media reproaching religious authorities for their inertness in countering terrorism.
18 ноября 2011
Associate professor told about extremists' recruitment methods Associate professor of Kazakhstan National Security Commission Academy told about extremists' recruitment methods at the 1st forum of religious experts in Astana.
17 ноября 2011
Number of salafis went drastically up in Atyrau oblast Orazbek Kassymov said that 90 salafis were registered in Atyrau Interior Department before the terrorist attacks in Atyrau. Current number is 1,500.
17 ноября 2011
Head Imam of Almaty Central Mosque Kulmukhammad Makhanbet. Photo courtesy of Chief Almaty Imam: Media shows Muslims bloodthirsty and ruthless Head Imam of Almaty voiced the position of the Spiritual Management of Muslims of Kazakhstan in relation to the terrorist attack in Taraz.
15 ноября 2011
Lama Sharif Kairat Kayirbekuly. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan to issue rules to regularize missionaries’ work With the regulations in place, we will be able to (…) counteract the destructive impact of some religious organizations on the spiritual development of the Kazakhstan’s society: Kairat Lama Sharif, Head of the State Agency for Religion.
15 ноября 2011
©RIA Novosti Third of Kazakhstan never heard of Religion Law One third of the population in Kazakhstan has never heard of the law on “Religious activities and religious groups,” recently signed by the head of the state.
11 ноября 2011
Photo courtesy of 20 percent of Kazakhstan's religious institutions will not pass re-registration A majority of religious institutions will pass re-registration in Kazakhstan without any problems, but about 20 percent of them will be denied registration.
08 ноября 2011
Almaty Central Mosque. ©Galima Gabdullina Head Almaty Imam asking media not to accentuate relligious affiliation of terrorists Head Imam of Almaty Central Mosque Kulmukhammad Makhanbet addressed the media and media-regulating state authorities.
08 ноября 2011
Central mosque of Atyrau. ©Dmitriy Dubovitskiy Head Imam of Atyrau oblast: Terrorists are just hiding behind Islam I can officially say that the mosque and real Islam have no relation to terrorists: Atyrau oblast Imam.
03 ноября 2011
Kazakhstan's Supreme mufti Absattar Hadji Derbissali. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Spiritual Management of Muslims of Kazakhstan will not allow extremists to interfere into Kazakhstan's internal affairs Supreme Mufti of Kazakhstan consideres that agreement or disagreement with the new edition of Kazakhstan Religion Law is an internal affair of Kazakhstan and its citizens.
31 октября 2011
©REUTERS Authenticity of the statements of the extremists threatening Kazakhstan with violence has to be checked If there are such threats, our law-enforcement authorities have to deal with it: Deputy chairman of Kazakhstan Agency for Religion.
28 октября 2011

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