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©REUTERS Kazakhstan will celebrate Eid on October 26 One of the most significant Muslim holidays Eid will be celebrated on October 26 this year.
16 октября 2012
Kazakhstan ratified agreement on relations with Vatican Kazakhstan’s inter-confessional accord and positive results in parity relations with Vatican shows the need to enhance bilateral cooperation in this area: Kairat Lama Sharif.
30 сентября 2012
©REUTERS/Fayaz Aziz Number of religious institutions will be cut by third in Kazakhstan Before the re-registration there were 197 Christian, Evangelic and Baptist religious institutions registered at the territory of Kazakhstan. Only 60 of them have submitted documents for re-registration: Lama Sharif
27 сентября 2012
Kairat Lama Sharif. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan Agency for Religious Affairs is checking 3,000 religious materials Kazakhstan Agency for Religious Affairs has performed over one thousand religious checks of the literature so far: Chairman.
27 сентября 2012
Snapshot of Innocence of Muslims movie Kazakhstan General Prosecutor asks court to declare Innocence of Muslims an extremist movie Kazakhstan General Prosecutor’s office has asked the court to declare Innocence of Muslims movie an extremist film inspiring religious hatred.
23 сентября 2012
Western missions under siege as Muslim riots spread Thousands of Pakistanis attempted to storm Islamabad's diplomatic enclave on Thursday, as anger mounted across the Muslim world over perceived Western insults to the Prophet Mohammed.
21 сентября 2012
Fulla dolls. Photo courtesy of Senior imam of Kazakhstan's Khazret-Sultan against sales of dolls in hijabs Senior imam of Khazret-Sultan mosque Kairat Zholdybaiuly opposes sales of dolls in Arab-style hijabs in Kazakhstan.
21 сентября 2012
Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry. Photo by Danial Okassov© Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry condemns scandalous Innocence of Muslims Such provocations cause escalation of violence, rousing hatred between religious and do not facilitate civilized dialog or enhance trust: Ministry.
18 сентября 2012
Photo courtesy of US powerless to act against anti-Islam inciters As anti-American protests erupt in the Muslim world, the United States is powerless to act against those who incited the violence due to the freedoms enshrined in its cherished constitution.
16 сентября 2012
"Messiah" mourned at elaborate Moon funeral More than 30,000 mourners, many weeping openly, attended the elaborate, flower-strewn funeral in South Korea Saturday of their "messiah" and Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon.
16 сентября 2012
Pope brings peace message to Lebanon as Mideast burns Pope Benedict XVI arrives on Friday for a three-day visit to Lebanon, a Middle Eastern country riven by sectarian tensions as fighting rages next door in Syria.
14 сентября 2012
US missions stormed in Yemen, stoned in Egypt film protests Demonstrators stormed the US embassy in Yemen, leading to clashes in which four people were killed, while protesters stoned Washington's mission in Cairo as anger spread over a US-produced film mocking Islam.
14 сентября 2012
Photo courtesy of New cathedral inaugurated in Karaganda Opening of the new cathedral in Karaganda is a thrilling event not only for Kazakhstan, but for the whole Central Asia: Cardinal Sodano.
10 сентября 2012
Christians, Muslims, Jews call for peace from Sarajevo Leaders of Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Muslim and Jewish communities Sunday made a pressing call for peace from Bosnia which was the scene of the worst atrocities committed in Europe since World War II.
10 сентября 2012
Cardinal Angelo Sodano. ©REUTERS Nazarbayev met with Pope's envoy Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev met with Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Envoy of the Pope, Dean of the College of Cardinals.
10 сентября 2012
Unification Church successor visits N. Korea The successor to Sun Myung Moon, the deceased founder of the Unification Church, made a surprise visit to North Korea on Friday.
07 сентября 2012
Unification Church founder Moon dies at 92 Sun Myung Moon, the self-styled messiah from South Korea who founded the controversial Unification Church and a business empire with interests spanning cars to sushi, died Monday at the age of 92.
03 сентября 2012
Feasts and fireworks as Muslims in Asia mark Eid Millions of Muslims across Asia began celebrating the Eid al-Fitr holiday on Sunday, with a month of fasting giving way to feasting, family reunions and raucous festivities.
20 августа 2012
Kazakhstan President's advisor Yermukhamet Yertysbayev. © Islam is massively inculcated in Kazakhstan: Yertysbayev It is wrong to speak of an Islamic renaissance in Kazakhstan: President's Advisor Yertysbayev. Speaking of Kazakhstan opposition he said: Weak opponents are of no interest as negotiators.
17 августа 2012
New US study finds diverse beliefs in Muslim world The global Muslim community of 1.6 billion people agree on the core principles of their faith, but differ widely in religiosity and religious tolerance.
10 августа 2012

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