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Third of Kazakhstan never heard of Religion Law 11 ноября 2011, 13:02

One third of the population in Kazakhstan has never heard of the law on “Religious activities and religious groups,” recently signed by the head of the state.
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©RIA Novosti ©RIA Novosti
Approximately one third of the population in Kazakhstan has no idea about the law on Religious activities and religious institutions recently signed by the President, Tengrinews.kz reports with a reference to the survey lead by the Institute of Political Solutions. “I hear about it for the first time,” over 30% of the respondents said. In the meantime another third of the respondents – 37%, believe that the new development will have a positive impact on the relations between the state and religion. The law is perceived negatively by 11.9% of respondents, the majority of them being Muslim. They are convinced that the law on religion imposes limitations on believers in following their fundamental religious orders. 21% of the surveyed could not identify their opinion on the law. Overall, the majority of the population (70%) is satisfied with the government’s religious policy. Christians say that their religious needs are properly met. Those unhappy with the state’s religious policy are rather few – 14.8%, half of them believe that insufficient attention is being paid to religion-related issues, whereas one third is convinced that the government has been recently excessively active in “promoting” its religious policy, regardless of the fact that Kazakhstan is a secular state. According to the opinion poll of the Institute of Political Solutions, 64.2% of the citizens of Kazakhstan identify themselves as Muslims. 25.5% consider themselves Orthodox Christians; Judaism and Buddhism are followed by 0.4% of respondents.

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