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Popol Vuh: the Mayan holy book Before the creation of the Earth, there was only silence and darkness, only the sky and the sea until the deities Tepeu and Gucumatz created trees, animals and man -- so says the Mayan holy book.
18 декабря 2012
Kazakhstan’s riot police. © RIA Novosti Kazakhstan to develop a State Program to Counteract Religious Extremism and Terrorism At the same time President warned that “measures to counteract extremism should not transform into witch-hunt and shouldn’t grow into moves to counteract religion”.
14 декабря 2012
The Supreme Mufti of Kazakhstan sheikh Absattar Derbissali. ©REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov Supreme Mufti of Kazakhstan called citizens to put doomsday out of their heads Rumors have been spreading that we will have to face an apocalypse. People are getting scared and stocking up on food. All this is a groundless lie: Mufti.
14 декабря 2012
Photo courtesy of Jerusalem sites sprayed with anti-Christian graffiti Vandals sprayed anti-Christian graffiti on a monastery and a Christian cemetery in Jerusalem overnight, in two apparent "price-tag" attacks.
13 декабря 2012
Photo courtesy of No extremist organizations among re-registered religious institutions in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan has completed compulsory re-registration of religious institutions.
07 декабря 2012
Photo by Danial Okassov© Kazakhstan religious authorities will keep an eye on students studying in Arab countries Representative of Astana’s mosque Khazret-Sultan suggested to control Kazakhstan students studying in Arab countries.
26 ноября 2012 Since the start of the year the country’s Interior Ministry has terminated operations of 60 religious entities and cults 60 religious entities have been shut down for the period as they lacked registration, didn’t comply with requirements to the number of members, or were deemed hazardous.
23 ноября 2012
Chairman of Kazakhstan Agency for Religious Affairs Kairat Lama Sharif. Photo courtesy of© Religious institutions have to report for foreign money: Lama Sharif Financial activities of religious unions are government by the Law щn non-commercial organizations acting in Kazakhstan since January 16, 2001.
16 ноября 2012
Kazakhstan Religions Agency commented banning of scientologists Deputy chairman of Kazakhstan Agency for Religious Affairs Marat Azalkhanov explained why scientologists were refused a registration.
15 ноября 2012
China not 'serious' in Tibet immolations probe: Dalai Lama Chinese government is not "seriously" probing the cause of a spate of self-immolations by Tibetans across China, the Dalai Lama said Monday.
12 ноября 2012
Russian Orthodox patriarch visits Holy Land Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill was in Jerusalem on Friday for his first visit to the Holy Land since becoming head of the powerful church in 2009.
10 ноября 2012
©REUTERS Security increase reported after Tibet protests China is ramping up security in Tibetan areas after a spate of self-immolation protests just as Beijing holds a key political gathering.
09 ноября 2012
Millions across Philippines visit their dead Millions across the Philippines visited cemeteries Thursday to pay respects to their dead, in an annual tradition that combines Catholic religious rites with the country's penchant for festivity.
01 ноября 2012
Scientology church. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan eyes banning scientology Kazakhstan Religious Affairs Agency supplied Justice Ministry with a negative statement following a religious expert check into Kazakhstan's scientology institutions.
28 октября 2012
Hajj pilgrims stone devil as Eid begins Saudi Arabia's usually deserted Mina valley burst with life as more than three million Muslim pilgrims stoned pillars representing Satan on Friday, first day of the Eid al-Adha holiday.
27 октября 2012
Kairat Lama Sharif. The number of religious institutions slashed by 1/3 following obligatory registration requirement The number of religious institutions has been reduced by 32% down to 3 088 institutions representing 16 faiths: Head of the National Agency for Religions.
25 октября 2012
Couple's love bridges Myanmar religious divide Praying with a Koran on his knees in a mud-strewn camp, Rohin Mullah is one of thousands of Muslims uprooted by sectarian bloodshed in Myanmar. But the former monk's story is far from normal.
23 октября 2012
Pope to name seven saints including first Native American Pope Benedict XVI will name seven new saints on Sunday including the first Native American, marking the start of a "Year of Faith" aimed at countering the rising tide of secularism in the West.
20 октября 2012
Indians say sainthood for Mohawk woman long overdue Rays of sunlight seep through a stained glass window at the tomb on the shores of the Saint Lawrence River of the tribeswoman who on Sunday will become the first American Indian saint.
19 октября 2012
Chairman of Kazakhstan Agency for Religious Affairs Kairat Lama Sharif. stock photo Kazakhstan Agency for Religions working to return Kazakhstan students from Syria Kazakhstan’s Agency for Religious Affairs is in talks to return 10 Kazakhstan students from Syria because of the life threatening situation in the country.
16 октября 2012

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