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07.11.2015 15:17 Unrest
Condemning racism and police heavy-handedness, thousands of people attended a "march of dignity" rally in Paris to mark a decade since the deaths of two youths sparked nationwide riots.
11.08.2015 12:08 Unrest
St. Louis County declared a state of emergency after a night of unrest in Ferguson, as a teenager was charged with shooting at police officers.
10.08.2015 13:27 Unrest
A day of peaceful remembrance marking the anniversary of a black teen's killing by police in the US city of Ferguson came to a violent end Sunday as gunfire left at least one protester injured.
29.07.2015 12:34 Unrest
Over ten thousand people rallied in Helsinki to support multiculturalism and protest recent controversial statements by a populist legislator, police said.
23.06.2015 14:14 Crime
Walmart announced it has decided to remove Confederate flag merchandise from its stores as a debate rages around the banner seen by many as a symbol of racial violence.
13.05.2015 14:00 Politics
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced a resurgence in anti-Semitism both in the Middle East and in the West.
12.05.2015 14:50 Entertainment, Style
Ariana Miyamoto entered the Miss Universe Japan beauty contest after a mixed-race friend committed suicide.
11.05.2015 13:36 Politics
Michelle Obama says she had to fight misperceptions due to her African-American race during the 2008 White House campaign.
06.05.2015 13:36 Entertainment, Style
Prince announced a peace concert in Baltimore on Mother's Day after the death in police custody of an African American man sparked sometimes violent protests.
05.05.2015 13:27 Politics
President Barack Obama urged Americans to address the root causes of recent racially-tinged unrest, focusing not just on police actions.
04.05.2015 13:07 Unrest
Baltimore lifted a curfew that was imposed across the US East Coast city following widespread riots, as thousands of National Guard troops began to pull out.
30.04.2015 12:29 Crime
National Guard troops patrolled the tense streets of Baltimore in large numbers in anticipation of a fresh large-scale protest over the death of a young African-American man in police custody.
29.04.2015 15:06 Unrest
Police in Baltimore fired smoke bombs and pepper pellets at hundreds of protesters who defied a night-time curfew that took effect across the city.
28.04.2015 17:42 Crime
Riot police stood guard on the smouldering streets of the US city of Baltimore after protesters incensed by the death of a young black man.
01.04.2015 10:58 Entertainment, Style
Newly anointed "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah faced mounting criticism after the emergence of several past social media posts accused of being racist.
14.03.2015 13:30 Unrest
Seven months under the wrong kind of spotlight is taking its toll on Ferguson as it tries to move past the dark shadow cast by the police killing of unarmed black teenager.
06.12.2014 14:16 Unrest
Thousands of demonstrators marched in major cities across the United States in a fresh wave of protests against a spate of killings of unarmed black men by white police officers.
05.12.2014 14:39 Crime
A white police officer shot dead a black man in Arizona when he mistook some pills for a gun amid protests in New York triggered by a string of similar incidents.
02.12.2014 12:32 Politics
President Barack Obama will seek to release funds aimed at equipping more US police officers with body cameras.
27.11.2014 14:15 Unrest
US celebrities called for a boycott to take place- to protest a grand jury's decision not to prosecute a police officer who fatally shot a black teen.
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