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© Interest rates on deposits in tenge raised in Kazakhstan In efforts to contain inflation and de-dollarize the economy, National Bank of Kazakhstan raises interest rates on deposits in tenge.
21 января 2016
©Tengrinews Inflation in Kazakhstan makes 13.6% in 2015 Statistics Committee of the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan released official inflation rate data: 13.6% in 2015 in Kazakhstan.
05 января 2016
©Turar Kazangapov Inflation in Kazakhstan nears 13%, central bank admits Inflation in Kazakhstan reached 12.8% in the end of November. National Bank's Akishev names tenge depreciation the main driver.
28 декабря 2015
Yerbolat Dossayev ©Central Communiations Service under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan revises 2015 inflation rate forecast Minister of National Economy Yerbolat Dossayev announced the increase of inflation corridor from 6-8 percent to 8-10 percent for 2015.
23 ноября 2015
Photo © Turar Kazangapov Depreciation of tenge caused by appointment of National Bank's new Governor? According to experts, appointment of Daniyar Ashirov as New Governor plunged the national currency into the feared 300 KZT to $1 zone.
18 ноября 2015
Turar Kazangapov © Central Bank Governor on tenge prospects The exchange rate reflects the current external factors such as the exchange rate of the Russia’s rouble and the current state of the Russia’s and China’s economies: Central bank Governor Daniyar Akishev.
18 ноября 2015
©Turar Kazangapov Kazakhstan National Bank raises base interest rate to 16% The National Bank of Kazakhstan has revised the base interest rate raising from 12 to 16 percent in order to curb inflation in Kazakhstan.
05 октября 2015
Photo © Kazakhstan in 10 World’s Worst Performers in Economy: Bloomberg Kazakhstan ended up in the 10 World’s Worst Performers in Economy compiled by Bloomberg.
14 июля 2015
Kairat Kelimbetov. By Yaroslav Radlovsky © Kazakhstan is more upbeat over economic prospects amidst positive news from Russia We believe that with the current prices for oil standing at $55-60 per barrel, the Kazakhstan’s economy growth figure will stand at over 2% rather than at 1.5% (as was earlier estimated)”, Mr. Kelimbetov said.
19 мая 2015
Yaroslav Radlovsky © IMF on inflation rate in Kazakhstan Earlier the country’s Central Bank reported that the annual inflation rate as of the end of July stood at 7%.
04 ноября 2014
Photo courtesy of Beer shortage and heatwave spells misery for Cubans Cuba has been hit by a beer shortage during one of its hottest summers on record, sparking hoarding and driving thirsty .
16 августа 2014
IMF chief says low inflation can hit European growth IMF chief Christine Lagarde warned that low inflation could damage growth in Europe and urged the European Central Bank to maintain a flexible policy.
19 июля 2014
Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda. ©Reuters/Yuya Shino Japan tax hike boosts inflation, hurts spending in May Inflation hit a three-decade high and unemployment dipped further in Japan, data showed Friday, as the government's bid to jumpstart the economy takes hold, even as analysts warned it was too early for celebrations.
27 июня 2014
Kairat Kelimbetov. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan's economy benefits from devaluation: Kelimbetov National Bank Chairman Kairat Kelimbetov declared that the economy of Kazakhstan responded positively to the recent 20% devaluation of the Tenge.
14 мая 2014
German inflation hits three-year low in March The rate of inflation in Germany, Europe's biggest economy, fell to its lowest level in more than three years in March, official final data showed on Friday.
11 апреля 2014
Photo © Marat Abilov Possible inflation risks: National Bank In view of the devaluation of the national currency - the tenge, the central bank of Kazakhstan believes that escalation of inflation is quite possible.
15 февраля 2014
©Reuters/David Gray Australia inflation jumps, dashes rate cut hopes Australian inflation rose by a stronger-than-expected 1.2 percent in the July-September period compared to the previous quarter.
23 октября 2013
Chairman of Kazakhstan National Bank Gregory Marchenko. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Kazakhstan’s Central Bank seeks to maintain inflation within 6-8% Despite the lingering uncertainty of the global economy, Kazakhstan’s economy has been stable, with the GDP growing 5.1% in the H1 2013. The annual inflation stands at 5.9%: Economy Minister.
25 июля 2013
Kazakhstan National Bank. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Kazakhstan to retain inflation at 6-8 percent Kazakhstan National Bank has approved the Key Monetary Policies of Kazakhstan for 2013.
17 февраля 2013
Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Kazakhstan National Bank's 2013 inflation and GDP forecasts According to Kazakhstan National Bank, the country’s inflation will stay within 6-8 percent, while the GDP growth may reach 6 percent.
10 января 2013

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