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06.04.2016 19:33 Science, Technologies
Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk intends to introduce a ban on oil product imports from Russia.
17.11.2015 14:01 Politics
In spite of a massive depreciation of the Kazakh tenge, further measure need to be taken to help the domestic manufacturers in Kazakhstan.
13.11.2015 17:19 Finance
National Bank of Kazakhstan released data on Kazakh tenge real exchange rate against the currencies of Kazakhstan's major trade partners.
08.10.2015 22:09 Finance
Governor of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Kairat Kelimbetov sees the current tenge exchange rate as adequate under the circumstances.
01.10.2015 14:52 Markets
Kazakh Minister of Energy Vladimir Shkolnik says that the price for petrol in Kazakhstan will depend on the Russian ruble.
14.08.2015 18:26 Politics
The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and Almazbek Atambayev, President of Kyrgyzstan, have opened the customs border between the two countries.
06.08.2015 11:25 Unrest
Russians hit out against government plans to destroy hundreds of tonnes of Western food smuggled into the crisis-hit country.
25.06.2015 11:38 Markets
Russian President Vladimir Putin extended a ban against most Western food imports for a year, saying the longer-than-expected measure would ensure the country's security.
30.05.2015 12:05 Markets
Russia is to ban fish imports from the Baltic states of Latvia and Estonia, its food safety watchdog said Friday, citing violations.
03.04.2015 11:27 Markets
Kazakhstan has introduced a 45-day ban on import of fuel from Russia. Some are worried that this will be the beginning of a new fuel deficit in the Central Asian economy. KazMunaiGas has a different view.
02.03.2015 16:36 Markets
The measure will have no impact on the price of fuel. The Energy Ministry has set price ceilings for both gasoline and diesel fuel: Vice Minister of Energy.
19.02.2015 02:11 Politics
First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan has officially refuted the reports suggesting that the largest Central Asian economy was intending to ban or limit imports from Russia.
19.02.2015 01:31 Laws, Initiatives
Media reports suggest that Kazakhstan may resort to restricting Russian imports due to the pressure its domestic market from the significantly cheaper products offered by its Northern neighbour.
16.02.2015 10:06 Politics
The time of the meeting is to be shortly agreed on, according to Andrei Slepnev, Minister of Trade of the Eurasian Economic Committee.
09.02.2015 03:19 Politics
Kazakhstani enterprises find themselves under increasing pressure with cheap products being imported from Russia. Some are calling for customs duties on the border between the Kazakhstan and Russia to be reintroduced.
22.12.2014 18:13 Politics
Despite the drop in oil prices, Kazakhstan’s National Fund continues to grow.
09.12.2014 17:01 Politics
According to him, The legislation framework of the Customs Union enables its member states to take concerted actions in response to economic pressure exerted on any of the member states by a third party.
02.12.2014 14:05 Markets
According to Vice Minister for Investments and Development, Kazakhstan has a vast cement production potential, however in the current year the country has imported over 1 million tons of cement.
09.11.2014 15:32 Finance
Kazakhstan is not strongly influenced by the changes in the currency rate of the Russian ruble.
02.11.2014 11:29 Markets
Russia may try to impose limitations on food transit from the European Union to Kazakhstan to prevent re-export of goods to Russia.
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