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06.08.2015 16:58 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan government has revised the decree that made many popular resorts a special border zone requiring special passes. Foreigners will no longer have to obtain permits to visit them.
13.05.2015 02:18 Politics
Kazakhstan plans to introduce visa-free entry for citizens of 26 countries.
16.01.2015 16:54 Sport
Foreign athletes will be competing for Kazakhstan at the Rio Olympics in 2016.
11.01.2015 00:08 Education
The number of foreign students studying medicine in Kazakhstan is expected to reach 10 percent in the near future.
16.10.2014 20:26 Politics
Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not planning to extend the visa free entrance regime for 10 countries.
22.05.2014 18:29 Crime
Uralsk prosecutors have received a letter from the parents of Peter Baruch, the British oilman charged with corrupting minors in Kazakhstan.
24.04.2014 19:56 Crime
A guard at a Kabul hospital run by a US charity opened fire on staff Thursday, killing three foreigners including a doctor, in the latest attack targeting international civilians in the Afghan capital.
03.03.2014 11:59 Health
More cases of false diagnosing of orphans have been discovered in South Kazakhstan Oblast.
11.02.2014 12:43 Crime
British national Peter Baruch, 38, charged with production of child pornography was detained for three days after the Prosecutors lodged an appeal.
29.12.2013 11:24 Companies
A foreigner is going to be appointed as First Deputy Chairman of the Board of KazMunaiGas, Kazakhstan national oil and gas company.
31.10.2013 00:43 Finance
Foreign contractors have bereaved the local businessmen registered at the Kazakhstan government's public procurement website of around $372.6 million.
06.03.2013 21:33 Crime
A 27-y.o. citizen of Gabon stabbed her husband, a 53-y.o. citizen of Great Britain during a family dispute in Atyrau in western Kazakhstan.
01.03.2013 18:33 Crime
Three men attacked a U.S. citizen near Mega Mall in Almaty and stole his money and mobile phone.
19.11.2012 14:32 Crime
A British citizen was found unconscious with numerous bodily injuries next to Ak Zhaiyk hotel in the center of Atyrau in western Kazakhstan.
14.09.2012 17:07 Crime
Shymkent police apprehended the men suspected of robbing the 72-y.o. Japanese citizen.
27.07.2012 15:16 Laws, Initiatives
The decree covers such projects as construction of C section of Kazakhstan-China gas pipeline, linear part of Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent gas pipeline and the third stage of Zhanazhol gas processing unit.
09.07.2012 14:15 Companies
340 foreign citizens have been deported from Atyrau oblast in western Kazakhstan for violation of the migration legislation since the beginning of the year.
12.05.2012 14:36 Laws, Initiatives
Respective resolution was printed in government-run media May 12.
24.01.2012 14:28 Crime
A French citizen has been beaten up in one of Almaty cafes.
26.10.2011 19:41 Politics
Over 8 million foreigners arrived in Kazakhstan for temporary residency in the past 5 years.