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Gabon citizen stabs British husband in Atyrau 06 марта 2013, 21:33

A 27-y.o. citizen of Gabon stabbed her husband, a 53-y.o. citizen of Great Britain during a family dispute in Atyrau in western Kazakhstan.
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A 27-y.o. citizen of Gabon stabbed her husband, a 53-y.o. British national, during a family dispute in Atyrau, an oil city in western Kazakhstan, Akzhaiyk writes. The argument happened at night of March 5 in one of the city’s hotels. The men with injuries was delivered to the oblast hospital and was initially placed in the intensive care unit. The oblast hospital has confirmed that the foreigner was hospitalized that night. The injuries were not deep, but he needed a surgery. The surgery was successful. He is now in the surgery department of the hospital and in a satisfactory condition. The citizen of Great Britain works as engineer in one of the foreign companies in Atyrau. According to head of the press-service of Atyrau Oblast Interior Department Gulnazira Mukhtarova, the woman arrived in Atyrau on March 1. She was released from the police station on her own recognizance after the incident.

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