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Peter Baruch's parents asking pardon for their son 22 мая 2014, 18:29

Uralsk prosecutors have received a letter from the parents of Peter Baruch, the British oilman charged with corrupting minors in Kazakhstan.
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Photo ©uralskweek.kz/Raul Uporov Photo ©uralskweek.kz/Raul Uporov

The Prosecutor’s Office of Uralsk, a city in western Kazakhstan, has received a letter from the parents of Peter Baruch who is accused of corruption of minors in Uralsk and Atyrau, Tengrinews reports citing Moi Gorod.

According to the prosecutor Aidyn Rashidov, the office received the letter from Baruch’s parents on May 20th. In the letter they are asking to consider family circumstances of their son who has two small children. The parents of the accused British national are not young enough to look after the children in case Baruch is convicted.

Meanwhile, Baruch’s case has been transferred to the Specialized Regional Court that deals with minors-related cases. Peter Baruch, 38, a British oilman, is charged on two counts:

- corruption of minors,

- production and distribution of child pornography, or engaging minors in pornographic events.

“Peter Baruch is accused of producing and saving for further distribution pornographic photos of children during his stay in Kazakhstan. He used social network vk.com under a assumed name of Patrick Brown, 27 to send friend requests and initiate communication with underage girls for his criminal activities,” Rashidov said.

Peter Baruch was arrested on January 14 after the mother of a 13-y.o. girl reported the man to the police after she saw the text messages of sexual nature he was exchanging with her daughter. The police searched his hotel room after receiving the complaint from the mother of the six-grader and found more than 600 photos of several naked underage Kazakhstan girls on Peter's computer and flash cards.

During further investigation the police found a total of 8 girls, aged from 12 to 17, who were on the photos found in Baruch’s computer. 7 of them filed complaints against him. Three of the girls were from Uralsk and the other four were from Atyrau, another city in western Kazakhstan where he used to work before his transfer to Uralsk. 

In their testimonies the girls told the police that Baruch was paying them 10,000 tenge ($65) to take a topless photo and 15,000 tenge ($100) for a nude photo.

Based on the evidences and the girls' testimonies, the British national was charged with Production and distribution of child pornography and with corruption of minors. If he is found guilty on both counts he may face a total of 9 years in prison.

If he is convicted he will most likely be serving his sentence in Kazakhstan, since Kazakhstan and the UK have no extradition agreement. 

Writing by Gyuzel Kamalova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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