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9 years for corruption of minors: Uralsk case 11 февраля 2014, 12:43

British national Peter Baruch, 38, charged with production of child pornography was detained for three days after the Prosecutors lodged an appeal.
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Peter Baruch. Photo ©uralskweek.kz/Raul Uporov Peter Baruch. Photo ©uralskweek.kz/Raul Uporov
To the relief of the victims’ parents, British national Peter Baruch, 38, charged with production of child pornography in Kazakhstan was detained for three days after the Prosecutor's Office lodged its appeal, Tengrinews reports citing Moi Gorod. The court of the first instance initially ruled out that the evidences obtained in the hotel room of the British contractor - 600 photos of naked underage girls - could not be part of the case because the police allegedly committed some violations during collecting the evidences. However, after the Prosecutors filed an appeal to the second instance court - the regional court - the evidences were ruled solid again and no violations in the actions of the police were confirmed. With the back evidence in force and 6 complains filed against Peter Baruch - all of them from partners of underage girls - the British national was arrested for three days. The prosecutor’s office is now requesting the judge to warrant a full pretrial arrest for him. In addition to Production and distribution of child pornography, or engaging minors in pornographic events chargers, Baruch is now also charged with Corruption of minors. It he is found guilty on both counts he may face up to 9 years in prison. According to the prosecutor, Baruch will be charged under the Kazakhstan Criminal Code, as the crimes was committed in Kazakhstan. While the online petition is gaining its momentum with over 2000 people signed in two days the unlucky “pornographer” might be facing up to 9 years of imprisonment in Kazakhstan. Mother of his 12-y.o. victim gave an interview:

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