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Falsely diagnosed orphans and abandoned children of South Kazakhstan Oblast 03 марта 2014, 11:59

More cases of false diagnosing of orphans have been discovered in South Kazakhstan Oblast.
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Photo © RIA Novosty Photo © RIA Novosty
More cases of false diagnosing of orphans have been discovered in South Kazakhstan Oblast, Tengrinews reports citing the regional Prosecutor’s Office. Out of 183 children adopted by foreigners 62 were diagnosed with serious illnesses such as ICP, heart diseases and others. Subsequently those results were indicated in court decisions concerning adoption as basis for the foreign adoptions. “For example, a US couple adopted a girl (from Kazakhstan). Her medical record showed ICP, combined hydrocephaly, anaemia, dystrophy due to undernourishment, rickets and other sicknesses. But five month after adoption, routine medical tests said that the girl was healthy. She was examined at the International Adoption Clinic and was recognized as a health child developing in accordance with her age,” the Deputy Head of Prosecutor’s Office in South Kazakhstan Oblast Roman Berikov told at the meeting. The Prosecutor’s Office has sent a request in the name of the Akim of the South Kazakhstan Oblast Askar Myrzakhmetov to rectify the discovered violations and prevent any such cases in future. Those responsible were punished for breaching the law. In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office is searching for 41 children abandoned by their parents that have disappeared of the records over the past two years. The prosecutors discovered that 166 children abandoned by their parents were not registered with the Children’s Services and a Regional Guardianship Office. After an inspection only some of the children were found. “Yes, there were several violations, for example adoption went through a notary public and not through a children’s home. It is evading legal means. But the new parents were able to obtain positive court decisions and are not going to be prosecuted for the violations,” Bolat Zhumataev of the South Kazakhstan Regional Prosecutor’s Office said. The DIA initiated a response team to find the remaining children abandoned by their parents. “Among parents that abandoned their children are citizens of Russia and Uzbekistan. They were visiting our country or at least that is what the notary papers said (…). We are preparing a special order to determine the whereabouts of the mothers who abandoned their children. Only after that we will be able to find the children,” the Prosecutor’s Office said.

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