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Elderly Japanese citizen robbed in Shymkent 14 сентября 2012, 17:07

Shymkent police apprehended the men suspected of robbing the 72-y.o. Japanese citizen.
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Shymkent railroad station. Photo courtesy of shimkent.info Shymkent railroad station. Photo courtesy of shimkent.info
Shymkent police has apprehended men suspected of robbing a 72-y.o. Japanese citizen, the website of South-Kazakhstan Oblast Interior Department writes. The foreigner applied to the police with a statement that two unknown persons had robbed him next to the railroad station by ripping a bag with money off his belt. After then policemen apprehended two suspects: a 32-y.o. citizen of Arys town and a 18-y.o. Shymkent citizen. The suspects had the bag with over 6.5 Indian rupees, over 6 thousand Japanese yens and around 100 thousand Indonesian dollars. The criminal case was initiated against them on theft charges. The criminals are kept in the city's temporary detention center.

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