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02.09.2014 10:34 Education
Gabon's education minister has resigned due to a scandal after hundreds of students failed the country's high-school exams.
28.08.2014 12:48 Internet
Time Warner Cable apologized for a "very serious failure" after millions of people across the US were knocked off the Internet because of a fault.
24.07.2014 19:27 Education
66% of entrants have failed the Complex Testing of Entrants (CTE) held in Kazakhstan on July 19-22, 2014.
16.05.2013 18:08 Politics
Nuclear talks between Iran and the UN atomic agency failed yet again Wednesday, as the top US diplomat in separate six-party negotiations warned Washington's patience was wearing thin.
25.04.2013 19:20 Emergencies
The aircraft started spinning into the left at the height of 3 thousand meters: this was for sure a control system failure: expert.
14.03.2013 18:56 Internet
There has been an accident at one of the internet providers' facilities, not at KazakhTelecom's ones, but outside of Kazakhstan.
21.02.2013 11:20 Cinema, Music
Although he is nursing hopes of an Oscar, Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke says he feels doomed to failure with his latest project -- a staging of a Mozart opera in Spain.
04.09.2012 14:08 People
Russian President Vladimir Putin has fired the chief of a key state-run aerospace bureau following several launch failures, the Kremlin said Monday.
09.08.2012 13:36 Internet
Australian Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has hit out at Facebook over its failure to immediately take down a page that stereotyped Aboriginal people as hopeless petrol-sniffing drunks.
06.08.2012 14:04 Companies
A Qantas Airways pilot failed an alcohol test after being removed from the controls of a passenger flight just minutes before take-off over concerns she had been drinking.
05.08.2012 15:38 Military
The US is stepping up support for the Syrian rebels but, despite the failure of UN envoy Kofi Annan's mission, is sticking to its refusal to pour arms into a complex conflict.
15.07.2012 10:39 Companies
British security firm G4S said Friday it expects losses of up to $77 million after the government had to deploy extra troops for the Olympics because the company failed to provide enough guards.
09.07.2012 14:09 Unrest
International envoy Kofi Annan has arrived in Syria after admitting that his peace plan has so far failed to end nearly 16 months of carnage, as scores more die in the violence-wracked country.