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11.08.2014 10:47 Crime
A jailbreak Sunday at a high-security prison near Haiti's capital left dozens of inmates on the loose.
07.06.2014 00:52 Strange News
A Spanish zoo vet shot a keeper with a tranquillizer dart when a gorilla escape drill went awry, knocking out the unfortunate victim who spent the next three days in hospital.
03.04.2014 12:32 Unrest
Pakistan's former military ruler Pervez Musharraf, who is on trial for treason, narrowly escaped an assassination attempt as a bomb went off shortly before his convoy was due to pass early Thursday, police said.
27.03.2014 11:10 People
Australian Paul Royle, one of only two men alive from World War II's daring "Great Escape", says he still has vivid memories of the audacious prison breakout on its 70th anniversary.
22.01.2014 13:13 People
The rebellious teenagers Indira Gainieva and her boyfriend Edward Bunyan were found by the police of the Dominican Republic.
20.01.2014 15:16 Crime
A Kazakh teen girl has eloped from Stonyhurst College in the UK together with her boyfriend.
13.01.2014 16:07 People
More than 1,500 North Koreans fled to South Korea last year, maintaining a recent fall in the number of escapees that coincided with a clampdown by new leader Kim Jong-Un.
22.09.2012 11:33 Crime
The 131 Mexican inmates who escaped from a prison near the US border this week fled through the front door, not a tunnel as previously believed.
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