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05.10.2015 16:08 Industry, Infrastructure
President Nursultan Nazarbayev has met with KCA International and Sembol Construction about EXPO-2017 venues in Astana.
08.09.2015 21:12 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstani designer Kamila Kurbani has released a new collection of sweatshirts with tenge prints.
25.08.2015 21:40 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstani model, graphic designer and popular Instagramer Ayaulym Shalkar has presented her debut collection of minimalistic clothing.
09.07.2015 14:31 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstani designer Ainur Turisbek has presented her collection at the 2015 Fashion Week in Monte Carlo
25.06.2015 17:19 Industry, Infrastructure
Famous Dutch architect and urban design consultant Jan Gehl has presented a project aimed at improving Kazakhstan’s largest city Almaty.
26.12.2014 16:32 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan Minister of Justice Berik Imashev observed recent trends in registration and protection of trademarks, copyrights and other types of intellectual property in Kazakhstan.
14.10.2014 19:43 Industry, Infrastructure
KazGor Project Academy’s work has been chosen as the best design for the National Pantheon in Astana.
23.08.2014 11:23 Internet
Google confirmed that it bought Gecko Design to bolster its lab devoted to technology-advancing projects.
22.08.2014 17:58 Companies
Tengri and Bouri have been chosen as the best contenders for the EXPO-2017 mascots.
11.01.2014 17:42 Industry, Infrastructure
Mumbai will unveil its lavish and long-awaited new airport terminal Friday, part of a $2 billion revamp that aims to challenge India's reputation for shoddy infrastructure and boost the financial capital's status.
29.12.2013 15:53 Sport
Kazakhstan uniform for the Sochi Olympics has been unveiled. The full set of 25 items costs $2,300.
19.12.2013 14:05 Laws, Initiatives
A new design of the judge's robe will in Kazakhstan be introduced in 2014.
26.11.2013 13:20 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan designer Iskander Utebayev has presented a new iPhone 6 concept design.
25.11.2013 19:29 Industry, Infrastructure
Almaty city will become a more people-friendly place: conditions for pedestrians and bicycle traffic will be improved.
15.11.2013 17:59 Companies
The street furniture will make cities of Kazakhstan cozier.
15.06.2013 13:11 People
An oak cradle designed to resemble a Gothic cathedral is headed from Poland to London for the July birth of the first child of Prince William and his wife Kate.
03.06.2013 17:51 Sport
Kazakhstan contest of designs of official and sport outfits for Kazakhstan Olympic team for the Sochi Olympics has been completed.
03.06.2013 14:36 Sport
Designs of new outfits for Kazakhstan's participants of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games were presented in Astana.
30.05.2013 18:58 Internet
Chinese hackers have gained access to secret designs for a slew of sophisticated US weapons programs, officials said Tuesday, possibly jeopardizing the American military's technological edge.
28.05.2013 20:21 Sport
Designers from China and the U.S. will compete for the right to design outfits for Kazakhstan Olympic sportsmen.
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