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Kazakhstan designer presents iPhone 6 concept design 26 ноября 2013, 13:20

Kazakhstan designer Iskander Utebayev has presented a new iPhone 6 concept design.
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iPhone 6 concept design. ©Iskander Utebayev iPhone 6 concept design. ©Iskander Utebayev
Kazakhstan designer Iskander Utebayev has presented a new iPhone 6 concept design, Tengrinews reports. A lot of programmers and designers are interested in the model; his idea was publicized on the world websites of mobile apps. The designer was very surprised that his concept design gained such a popularity and is now working with his engineer-friends to finalize the the iPhone 6 concept and send the idea to Apple company. Utebayev pointed out, that the interested potential customers had a lot of questions about how the new iPhone was supposed to be assembled and used. The designer is going to update his concept in one week. Utebayev opened a studio some time ago, where he is working on designs for construction companies and banks together with his friends. "And here we found out about the designers contest. The prize was an invitation to the event and the main condition of participation was to develop an Apple or Samsung product. We decided to work on a base for iPhone 6. Young people are chasing trends nowadays, iPhone in particular. The idea was born in just one night. It was appreciated by my friends and we unveiled it. The Apple community with a million of followers reposted our idea in Vkontakte social network. Now a company from New York that makes advertising for Microsoft is asking for a detailed description of the product. We thought about the software and are now describing it," Iskander said. The Kazakhstan designer's idea is that iPhone 6 will have a screen without frames and a sensor screen on one of the side panels. Utebayev pointed out that officially the development of the next version of iPhone would start in summer, and the Kazakhstan designers were going to send their concept design to Apple company. "The idea is appreciated by many people, most people send us e-mails and some leave their comments on YouTube. Most of the people proclaim it as a ‘three side screen’ or a ‘plagiary of Samsung’. Neither of the two is true, our concept design has an additional sensor screen only on the left side panel. One of the main questions that needs answering is how to hold the phone and how to use the side sensor panel. A possible solution could be programming the iOS to automatically turn off the side sensor screen while the main screen is in use, and to change volume or switch to the silent more when the side sensor screen is tapped once, and bring up an app if the button located below is pressed," Utebayev said. He developed an iMac (black edition) concept design before. "The 2006 iMac (black edition) was discontinued and a lot of people have been asking about the product. We developed new concept and made a bigger screen of 29 inches," the designer said. By Assemgul Kassenova
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