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Kazakhstan to change judge's robe design in 2014 19 декабря 2013, 14:05

A new design of the judge's robe will in Kazakhstan be introduced in 2014.
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Kazakhstan judges' robe. Photo courtesy of headline.kz Kazakhstan judges' robe. Photo courtesy of headline.kz
Kazakhstan is going to renew the design of its court dresses in 2014, Tengrinews reports citing the press-service of the Supreme Court of Kazakhstan. Chairman of the Supreme Court of Kazakhstan Kairat Mami instructed the Central Judges Council of Kazakhstan and the Courts Maintenance Department to design a new robe for Kazakhstan judges. "The proposals should be submitted by the July 1, 2014, and should take into account the foreign experience and the recommendations of the local courts," Kairat Mami said. The current design of the Kazakhstan judge's robe was approved by the Supreme Court on June 29, 2009. The courts dresses are long black robes made of crepe weaved matte fabric with a turquoise-colored collar and an ash-white scarf on the neck. The robes are A-shaped and loose. The black color of the gown symbolized impartiality and emphasizes the status and authority of the judiciary. Silver-faced plastic buttons of the mantle have the emblem of Kazakhstan on them. The design of the robe is the same for all the Kazakhstan judges.

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