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Street furniture to make cities of Kazakhstan cozier 15 ноября 2013, 17:59

The street furniture will make cities of Kazakhstan cozier.
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Street furniture will make the cities of Kazakhstan cozier, president of RTS Decaux Arman Kagarov told Tengrinews. The street furniture projects involve installation of designer advertising constructions such as benches, information panels, parking garage for bicycles and public toilets. "We have a very delicate attitude towards the visual perception of the city landscape. We clearly understand the problems that our cities are facing now. Most of the problems are common for all the cities that start thinking about their appearance. What we do is we make the streets comfortable. What we do is convenient, beautiful and practical," Arman Kagarov said. The company works in all 14 largest cities of Kazakhstan, but the furniture of the new format is being installed only in the streets of Almaty and Astana for the time being. According to RTS Decaux Chairman of the Board Tilo Starke, the design of street furniture in Almaty and Astana is almost at the same level as in European countries. "Quality of street design is very important for development of cities and their architecture. Street furniture is a key element. And we will improve it. (...) Nowadays outdoor advertisement is a full-fled representative of the media, because it enables us to interacts with people in their daily lives. Not everyone reads magazines or watches TV, whereas the outdoor advertisement is constantly in touch with people. Besides, people are more perceptive to such advertisement, because it cannot be turned off. It is a kind of urban media," Xavier Dupre, Managing Sales Director of JCDecaux One World said. According to his forecast, outdoor advertising posters will soon become salespoints. The new street furniture will contribute to this. The posters will have QR-codes or NFC-technology. This will enable people to buy the advertized products right away. RTS Decaux launched package sales some time ago. The new service will help the customers save their money and directly buy contacts (ads views) and efficiency, not the construction locations. The company's experts offer their expertize in determining where, when, and for how long the advertisements should be displayed to maximize the effect. RTS Decaux, a joint Kazakhstan-French company, is and one of the outdoor advertising leaders in Kazakhstan.
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