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Air France KLM narrows losses, warns of turbulence as pilots' pay cut Air France-KLM said Wednesday it cut its losses in the first quarter of 2016 but passenger traffic to Paris was affected by terror attacks.
04 мая 2016
Qatar-based Al-Jazeera English's acting managing director, Giles Trendle, executive director of global communication, Abdulla al-Najjar, journalist Baher Mohamed and Al-Jazeera Media Network's acting Al-Jazeera says to cut around 500 jobs Qatar's state-funded broadcaster Al-Jazeera announced a fresh round of job cuts with around 500 positions being lost.
28 марта 2016
Photo © RIA Novosti ArcelorMittal Temirtau and local labor authorites locked in battle over wages cuts Kazakhstan Labor Inspection has prohibited ArcelorMittal Temirtau to cut wages and the company plans to file a protest.
14 августа 2015
©Reuters ArcelorMittal Temirtau cuts wages by 25% ArcelorMittal Temirtau, a steel giant in Kazakhstan, is cutting wages of all its employees by 25 percent starting from August 1.
31 июля 2015
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan ©Marat Abilov Kazakh ministries see their budgets cut As part of state-wide austerity measures, Kazakhstan cuts expenditures of its ministries.
01 апреля 2015
Photo courtesy of Kazakh Foreign Ministry cuts spending on costly trips abroad Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is cutting its spendings on costly trips abroad amid the current global economic crisis.
20 марта 2015
©RIA Novosti ArcelorMittal Temirtau asks workers to yield to wage cuts ArcelorMittal Temirtau Director General has asked the company's personnel to understand the difficult financial situation and take the 25% wage cuts.
09 февраля 2015
Ukraine reports Norway gas deal to counter Russian cut Ukraine said it had struck a gas deliveries deal with Norway's energy giant Statoil aimed at helping it avert the consequences of a cut in Russian supplies.
04 октября 2014
©Reuters/Rick Wilking Panasonic to slash chip business workforce in half: reports Panasonic is set to cut its chip division workforce in half, axing thousands of jobs as the electronics giant overhauls its battered balance sheet after record losses.
24 октября 2013
US Navy will have fewer reinforcements in a crisis The US military has fewer ships to send as reinforcements in a crisis because of budget cuts that have slashed funds for maintenance and training.
21 июля 2013
Deputy of Russian prime minister Dmitry Rogozin. ©RIA NOVOSTI Moscow gives Obama's nuclear cuts proposal cool reception Russian officials reacted coldly to the call by President Barack Obama to jointly reduce nuclear weapons stockpiles by a third.
20 июня 2013
Illustration by Kazakhmys cuts administrative salaries by third: media Kazakhmys Corporation has axed salaries of its administrative personnel by almost one third.
08 мая 2013
Portugal PM announces severe spending cuts Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho called for severe cuts in public spending after a court rejected a number of austerity measures.
08 апреля 2013
Developing world's rise heralds global shift: UN The developing world's rapid growth has sharply cut extreme poverty, created a new middle class and put the economies of Brazil, China and India on a path to overtake the globe's wealthiest nations.
16 марта 2013
©REUTERS/Susana Vera Downturn threatens Europe's life expectancy gains: WHO Gains in life expectancy across Europe could be reversed if cash-strapped governments cut health budgets.
13 марта 2013
©REUTERS $85 billion austerity hit lines up US economy An $85 billion dollar austerity time bomb was to detonate against the US economy Friday, as President Barack Obama blamed a Republican refusal to compromise for a failure to avert "dumb" spending cuts.
02 марта 2013
Looming US cuts raise fears for world's poor With the United States days away from billions of dollars in automatic spending cuts, anti-poverty campaigners fear that reductions in foreign aid could potentially lead to thousands of deaths.
27 февраля 2013
US President Barack Obama speaks. High risks for Obama in new spending fight Barack Obama may have the upper hand against Republicans in a high-risk new spending showdown, but a drawn-out clash would likely damage the economy and put his presidential legacy on the line.
26 февраля 2013
Crisis-hit arms market shrinks, first time since 1994: SIPRI For the first time since the mid-1990s, sales of the 100 biggest arms dealers excluding China declined in 2011 as the economic crisis prompted budget cuts.
18 февраля 2013
Obama to propose deep nuclear arms cuts: report US President Barack Obama will use his State of the Union address on Tuesday to call for dramatic cuts in nuclear arsenals around the world.
11 февраля 2013

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