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04.05.2016 14:15 Companies
Air France-KLM said Wednesday it cut its losses in the first quarter of 2016 but passenger traffic to Paris was affected by terror attacks.
28.03.2016 14:45 Companies
Qatar's state-funded broadcaster Al-Jazeera announced a fresh round of job cuts with around 500 positions being lost.
14.08.2015 19:36 Companies
Kazakhstan Labor Inspection has prohibited ArcelorMittal Temirtau to cut wages and the company plans to file a protest.
31.07.2015 17:32 Companies
ArcelorMittal Temirtau, a steel giant in Kazakhstan, is cutting wages of all its employees by 25 percent starting from August 1.
01.04.2015 02:35 Finance
As part of state-wide austerity measures, Kazakhstan cuts expenditures of its ministries.
20.03.2015 22:27 Politics
Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is cutting its spendings on costly trips abroad amid the current global economic crisis.
09.02.2015 01:06 Companies
ArcelorMittal Temirtau Director General has asked the company's personnel to understand the difficult financial situation and take the 25% wage cuts.
04.10.2014 11:32 Markets
Ukraine said it had struck a gas deliveries deal with Norway's energy giant Statoil aimed at helping it avert the consequences of a cut in Russian supplies.
24.10.2013 18:00 Companies
Panasonic is set to cut its chip division workforce in half, axing thousands of jobs as the electronics giant overhauls its battered balance sheet after record losses.
21.07.2013 11:23 Military
The US military has fewer ships to send as reinforcements in a crisis because of budget cuts that have slashed funds for maintenance and training.
20.06.2013 17:54 Politics
Russian officials reacted coldly to the call by President Barack Obama to jointly reduce nuclear weapons stockpiles by a third.
08.05.2013 14:52 Companies
Kazakhmys Corporation has axed salaries of its administrative personnel by almost one third.
08.04.2013 11:18 Finance
Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho called for severe cuts in public spending after a court rejected a number of austerity measures.
16.03.2013 10:22 Markets
The developing world's rapid growth has sharply cut extreme poverty, created a new middle class and put the economies of Brazil, China and India on a path to overtake the globe's wealthiest nations.
13.03.2013 14:54 People
Gains in life expectancy across Europe could be reversed if cash-strapped governments cut health budgets.
02.03.2013 11:55 Finance
An $85 billion dollar austerity time bomb was to detonate against the US economy Friday, as President Barack Obama blamed a Republican refusal to compromise for a failure to avert "dumb" spending cuts.
27.02.2013 14:47 Markets
With the United States days away from billions of dollars in automatic spending cuts, anti-poverty campaigners fear that reductions in foreign aid could potentially lead to thousands of deaths.
26.02.2013 10:01 Politics
Barack Obama may have the upper hand against Republicans in a high-risk new spending showdown, but a drawn-out clash would likely damage the economy and put his presidential legacy on the line.
18.02.2013 12:03 Markets
For the first time since the mid-1990s, sales of the 100 biggest arms dealers excluding China declined in 2011 as the economic crisis prompted budget cuts.
11.02.2013 11:07 Military
US President Barack Obama will use his State of the Union address on Tuesday to call for dramatic cuts in nuclear arsenals around the world.
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