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Kazakhstani ethnic band Arkaiym debutes at The Spirit of Tengri 2015


Arkaiym. Photo © Nikolay Kolesnikov Arkaiym. Photo © Nikolay Kolesnikov

The Spirit Tengri 2015 has begun with a debut of the Kazakhstani ethnic band Arkaiym, Tengrinews reports.

The Spirit Tengri 2015 has begun with a debut of the Kazakhstani ethnic band Arkaiym, Tengrinews reports.

The band performed throat singing accompanied by dombra and shankobyz. Aldaspan band joined Arkaiym on the stage adding electro-dobras. Two bands performed a number of original musical works both dynamic and lyrical ones.

Arkaiym is the first Kazakhstani band that combines all contemporary music genres with ancient ethnic style. The members of the band are Abzal Arykbayev, a throat-singing instructor who plays multiple instruments and the first Kazakh female throat singer Anar Kassymova.

&ldquoWe are so happy, because we opened the festival. We are a young band. We are only one year old. We are so emotionally overwhelmed to be on the same stage with famous musicians like Radik Tyulyush and Chyltys. (&hellip) We present Turkic music. All instruments along with throat singing are a legacy of Turkic nations. These kind of festivals are needed in Kazakhstan and all around the world,&rdquo Arykbayev said.

Arkaiym were followed by another Kazakh band Sharapat. It is not the first time for Sharapat at The Spirit of Tengri. In 2014, the founder of Aldapasn band Nurzhan Toishy came up with an idea of electro-jetygen, a seven stringed instrument based on traditional jetygen, and announced creation of a new band Sharapat. Nurzhan Toishy is known for creating electric versions of traditional instruments - electro-dombra was his first creation. The ancient seven-stringed jetygen was revamped into a whole new instrument by the musician. Sharapat band performs ethnic rock and jazz using the unique electro-jetygen

The Spirit of Tengri took place on June 6 and 7. During the free open-air event bands from 11 countries performed on the stage gathering more than 10 thousand people. The project strives to unite and preserve the heritage of forefathers through music.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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