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The Spirit of Tengri promotes spirituality and heritage 06 июня 2015, 19:12

The Spirit of Tengri 2015 brings talented musicians from 11 countries representing their unique cultures and musical histories
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The Spirit of Tengri 2015 brings talented musicians from 11 countries representing their unique cultures and musical histories, Tengrinews reports.

General Director of Alash Media Group Batyr Kazybayev said that the ethnic music festival is one of the most significant cultural projects in Almaty.

“The project is about music and spiritual dimension. We put all of emphasis in the “spiritual dimension” to make the international ethnic music festival The Spirit of Tengri recognizable all around the world. Over the past three years, the festival has become one of the biggest music events in its genre. There is no music event that can boast a similar quality of sound, light and variety of musicians in Central Asia. It is the only large scale festival in tue region that represents Kazakhstan internationally,” Kazybayev said.

The festival is organized by the national radio station Tengri FM in collaboration with Kaspi Bank.

“We, creative people are ready to come up with ideas but if we are not supported by businesses then most of these ideas will never see the light of day. But we are lucky to have a great and fruitful cooperation with Kaspi Bank. I want to note that creative ideas and financial institution that understands the importance of spirituality and culture in the life of the country produce a great effect. We call it The Spirit of Tengri. And we are grateful to Kaspi Bank for this truly spiritual partnership,” Kazybayev said.

Last year, over 8 thousand people visited the concert.

The upcoming festival is dedicated to the participants' nations. Director of the Tengri FM Madina Umorbekova said that many people new very little about some of the countries represented at the festival. “There are few that know about a country named Mountain Shoriya. There is a wonderful singer Chyltys who came from Mountain Shoriya. She has performed here before. I think every artists comes here with a mission to present their culture, history and roots music,” Umorbekova said.

The General Director of the project Sergey Maiboroda added that The Spirit of Tengri 2015 will be different from the previous years not only thanks to its content and variety of participants, but also in terms of the technical equipment. He promised a truly unique atmosphere at the festival created by the best musical and light equipment.

The Spirit of Tengri takes place on June 6 and 7. The free open-air festival of ethnic music starts at 7 pm at the square in front of the Republic Palace (crossing of Abay and Dostyk streets). Musicians from 11 countries are participating in the festival. In addition, a choir of the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory will perform at the festival.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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