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Kazakh Central Bank governor Daniyar Akishev © Kazakh central bank governor shares de-dollarization plans The Governor of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Daniyar Akishev commented on the plan to de-dollarize the Kazakh economy.
20 января 2016
©Tengrinews Kazakhstan National Bank explains tenge depreciation and equilibrium rate Kazakh National Bank Governor Akishev talks about mechanisms behind depreciation of the tenge and central bank’s role in shaping Kazakhstan
28 декабря 2015
©Turar Kazangapov Inflation in Kazakhstan nears 13%, central bank admits Inflation in Kazakhstan reached 12.8% in the end of November. National Bank's Akishev names tenge depreciation the main driver.
28 декабря 2015
Photo © REUTERS Pegging or no pegging: tenge in new monetary policy Experts believe, the financial sector of Kazakhstan has not reached a complete freedom from pegging to the US dollar.
24 ноября 2015
Photo courtesy of Akorda press office Nazarbayev visits Qatar to foster investemnts and relations between countries President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev visited Doha, Qatar.
23 ноября 2015
Daniar Akishev. Photo  © Turar Kazangapov National Bank's Governor post is risky business The resignation of Kairat Kelimbetov from the post of the National Bank governor and a prompt appointment of Daniyar Akishev have raised conflicting feelings both in the media and among general public.
18 ноября 2015
Photo © Turar Kazangapov Depreciation of tenge caused by appointment of National Bank's new Governor? According to experts, appointment of Daniyar Ashirov as New Governor plunged the national currency into the feared 300 KZT to $1 zone.
18 ноября 2015
Daniyar Akishev ©Yaroslav Radlovsky Kazakhstan changes central bank governor Kazakhstan central bank Governor Kairat Kelimbetov was dismissed, Daniyar Akishev has been appointed as new National Bank Governor.
17 ноября 2015
Bolat Zhamishev © Chairman of Development Bank of Kazakhstan on public trust in tenge Kazakhstanis will trust tenge only when they understand reasons behind exchange rate fluctuations: Chairman of Kazakhstan Development Bank.
17 ноября 2015
Turar Kazangapov © Kazakhstan’s Central Bank Governor on tenge prospects We believe the current exchange rate of 277 tenge for USD1 reflects the true market value and is the one the country’s economy benefits from: Kairat Kelimbetov.
21 октября 2015
Photo© Turar Kazangapov Current tenge exchange rate is adequate: Kazakhstan central bank Governor Governor of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Kairat Kelimbetov sees the current tenge exchange rate as adequate under the circumstances.
08 октября 2015
Photo courtesy of Nazarbayev instructs National Bank to compensate tenge deposits President of Kazakhstan instructed the National Bank to initiate a mechanism of compensation for private fixed-term deposits in tenge.
21 августа 2015
Central Bank Governor Kairat Kelimbetov. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan expands tenge to US dollar exchange rate corridor Kazakhstan’s central bank has expanded the tenge to US dollar exchange rate corridor.
15 июля 2015
Kairat Kelimbetov. Photo © RIA Novosti Kelimbetov comments on National Bank relocation to Astana Governor of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Kairat Kelimbetov has commented on relocation of the major financial institution from Almaty to Astana.
10 июня 2015
Kairat Kelimbetov ©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are best prepared for economic shocks: Kelimbetov According to the Central Bank Governor Kairat Kelimbetov, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are best prepared for global economic shocks among all post-Soviet countries apart from Russia.
29 мая 2015
Photo © Turar Kazangapov Nazarbayev dispels rumours of tenge devaluation President Nursultan Nazarbayev has dispelled the rumours about a forthcoming devaluation of the tenge in Kazakhstan.
29 апреля 2015
Photo courtesy of Russian central bank restricts transactions with Kazakhstani suppliers Central Bank of Russia has restricted transactions involving Kazakhstani suppliers to prevent money laundering and tax evasion.
14 января 2015
Photo ©  Tengrinews 12th Islamic Financial Services Board summit in Almaty on May 19-21 The 12th Sammit of the Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) will take place in Almaty from May 19 to 21.
07 января 2015
New 1000 tenge bill. Photo © the Central Bank Central Bank of Kazakhstan issues new 1000 bill The Central Bank of Kazakhstan has issued a new 1000 tenge bill.
16 декабря 2014
Photo courtesy of Central Bank Governor on why he assured there would be no currency devaluations prior to actual devaluation Prior to the 20% currency devaluation back in February Mr. Kelimbetov assured the country’s population there were no such expectations.
22 октября 2014

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