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10.10.2015 13:32 People
John Lennon fans marked what would have been the slain Beatle's 75th birthday with a sing-in of his greatest tunes in New York's Central Park.
08.10.2015 15:46 Politics
Vladimir Putin marked his 63rd birthday dividing his attention between hockey and Syria as supporters sang his praises, comparing him to a range of heroic figures from Buddha to Batman.
21.02.2015 10:41 Politics
The world's oldest leader, Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, turns 91 with much to celebrate -- even as critics condemn as "obscene" his lavish birthday party plans.
05.12.2014 14:39 Entertainment, Style
Thailand's ailing but much adored King Bhumibol Adulyadej has been advised by doctors to cancel an annual appearance to mark his 87th birthday.
29.09.2014 15:06 People
French screen siren Brigitte Bardot celebrated her 80th birthday in privat at her French Riviera home.
20.09.2014 13:08 People
Sophia Loren turned 80- a landmark birthday feted across Italy with celebrations of the beauty and talent of the country's revered cinema icon.
15.09.2014 12:31 People
A life-size bronze statue of Amy Winehouse was unveiled in London to mark what would have been the British singer-songwriter's 31st birthday.
20.08.2014 12:03 Cinema, Music
Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen announced Tuesday the release of a new album next month to coincide with his 80th birthday.
15.08.2014 14:52 Entertainment, Style
Hello Kitty has been sent on her first space mission, as Japan's global icon of cute celebrates its 40th birthday in extraterrestrial fashion.
09.08.2014 12:18 Art, Books
A tour of "Hamlet" aiming to celebrate William Shakespeare's 450th birthday brought the legendary bard to thousands gathered in Havana.
29.07.2014 11:10 Politics
Supporters of Venezuela's former president Hugo Chavez celebrated what would have been his 60th birthday Monday with fireworks, a gun salute -- and the unveiling of a computer font based on the late leader's handwriting.
21.07.2014 14:38 Strange News
Britain's Prince George celebrates his first birthday on Tuesday, capping a year in which the globetrotting infant became the trend-setting face of the modern royal family.
18.07.2014 12:54 Politics
Quirky tributes poured in for German Chancellor Angela Merkel as she celebrated her 60th birthday on Thursday, along with some advice from her former mentor, elder statesman Helmut Kohl.
27.06.2014 18:35 People
Triplets were born at the Center of Motherhood and Childhood in Astana.
27.04.2014 11:11 Politics
The east African nation of Tanzania marks its 50th birthday this weekend, but celebrations are being overshadowed by a tussle over the union between the mainland and the islands of Zanzibar.
22.04.2014 12:15 Entertainment, Style
Gladiators, horsemen and women with flowers in their hair brought history alive Monday at Rome's Circus Maximus where thousands gathered to celebrate the Eternal City's 2,767th birthday.
17.04.2014 12:43 Auto
Ford celebrated the 50th birthday of its beloved Mustang by displaying a new model of the convertible on top of the Empire State Building in New York.
15.04.2014 11:21 Politics
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un paid respects to his grandfather Kim Il-Sung as the country marked the birthday Tuesday of its late founder with renewed calls for loyalty to the ruling Kim dynasty.
04.04.2014 10:40 Cinema, Music
Family, friends and fans of Marvin Gaye came together Wednesday to pay joyful hommage the late Motown legend and native Washingtonian on what would have been his 75th birthday.
05.03.2014 13:47 People
The world's oldest woman was celebrating her 116th birthday on Wednesday in a Japanese nursing home with a cake and candles.
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