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20.08.2015 11:06 Politics
Germany expects to receive up to 800,000 asylum-seekers in 2015, a new record, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said.
04.07.2015 12:31 Politics
The French government, reacting to a letter from Julian Assange, said it would not give the WikiLeaks founder asylum, only for his lawyers to claim he had never sought it in the first place.
24.06.2015 10:46 Politics
Hungary has indefinitely suspended the application of a key EU asylum rule, which requires a migrant's claim to be processed in the EU country they first arrive in.
02.06.2015 11:40 Politics
Germany and France urged the EU to find a fairer way to admit and distribute asylum seekers, as their leaders met the European Commission chief in Berlin.
08.05.2015 11:19 Politics
Asylum seekers in Italy may have to work for free, Italy's interior minister told local mayors, reminding them of a controversial decree issued several months ago.
04.05.2015 13:13 Politics
Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Australia and Europe were in talks on how to stop asylum-seeker boats after the success of his government's controversial polices on the issue.
07.01.2015 15:33 Politics
Kazakhstan has accepted five former Guantanamo prisoners seeking asylum in the country. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has praised the move.
19.08.2014 15:27 Politics
A number of asylum-seeker children held in Australian mainland detention centres are to be released.
13.08.2014 20:01 Politics
Mukhtar Ablyazov’s former head of security Alexandr Pavlov has requested a political asylum in Spain.
06.06.2014 14:58 Strange News
The Italian navy on Friday said it had rescued around 2,500 asylum-seekers from 17 boats in the past 24 hours as good weather conditions in the Mediterranean further boost the influx of asylum-seekers trying to reach Europe.
04.06.2014 08:54 Strange News
Australia said Tuesday a week-long protest by asylum-seekers at one of its immigration detention centres had been broken up with six people injured.
02.06.2014 13:31 Politics
Former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, wanted by US authorities and currently living in Russia, said in a TV interview Sunday that he has applied for asylum in Brazil.
12.02.2014 15:56 Politics
Fugitive ex-chairman of Kazakhstan-based BTA Bank Mukhtar Ablyazov intends to request a political asylum in France.
18.12.2013 14:03 Politics
US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden offered to help Brazil defeat US spying Tuesday but, in an open letter, said he needs permanent political asylum to do so.
28.08.2013 10:07 Politics
A senior Indonesian lawmaker on Tuesday described as "crazy" a plan by the front-runner for Australia's election to pay Indonesians for unseaworthy boats to stem the flow of asylum-seekers.
20.08.2013 13:47 Emergencies
A rescue operation was under way Tuesday after an asylum-seeker boat carrying 105 people began sinking north of Australia, two weeks away from an election where boatpeople are a key policy issue.
08.08.2013 11:04 Politics
US President Barack Obama on Wednesday scrapped a Moscow summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin.
07.08.2013 11:01 Politics
President Barack Obama said Tuesday he was "disappointed" by Russia's decision to grant asylum to Edward Snowden, the former intelligence contractor who leaked details of vast US surveillance programs.
02.08.2013 17:54 Politics
Fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden on Thursday stepped out of the Moscow airport where he was marooned for over five weeks.
26.07.2013 11:00 Politics
The United Nations on Friday said it was "troubled" by Australia's decision to send asylum-seekers arriving by boat to Papua New Guinea given conditions there failed to adequately protect refugees.
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