site.news_by_theme airport No hotel, just blankets: Kazakhs stuck in Frankfurt airport - Kazakh citizens were stuck at the airport due to a delayed Lufthansa flight.
12 июля 2024
©️ NQZ vs TSE: Will Astana's airport revert to its old code? - The Civil Aviation Committee (CAC) of Kazakhstan has addressed inquiries regarding the potential renaming of Astana's international
10 июля 2024
©️ / Turar Kazangapov Astana airport and train stations on high alert for SCO summit – In preparation for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Summit, Astana's airport and train stations have switched to
01 июля 2024
Drone crosses path of Aer Lingus plane over France A drone flying at more than 2,000 metres altitude came close to an Aer Lingus plane as it approached Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport.
21 апреля 2016
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Blizzard in Astana: flights and train delayed, Christmas trees and cars damaged Warm weather and rains have given way to winds and blizzards in Astana.
29 декабря 2015
©Turar Kazangapov Kazakhstan improves position in world flight safety ranking Kazakhstan's compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards has risen from 47 to 65 percent.
28 сентября 2015
Photo courtesy of Airport in South Kazakhstan Oblast to reopen after 20 years of downtime The airport in Shardara town in South Kazakhstan oblast will resume its operation after 20 years of downtime.
10 августа 2015
Astana Airport. Photo courtesy of Astana Airport not receiving or releasing aircrafts at night time in August Astana airport will not be receiving or releasing any flights from 10:00 pm to 03:00 am from August 19 to 25.
06 августа 2015
Photo courtesy of witness. SCAT airplane catches fire in Aktau airport SCAT airplane has caught fire in the airport of Aktau city in western Kazakhstan.
18 июня 2015
©Turar Kazangapov Kazakhstan and Luxembourg ink several agreements Kazakhstan and Luxembourg have inked a number of bilateral treaties following the meeting of Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister Karim Massimov and Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel on May 21.
29 мая 2015
Khiuaz Dospanova. Photo © Atyrau International Airport to be named after legendary Kazakh female war pilot Dospanova The Atyrau International Airport will be named after the legendary Kazakh pilot Khiuaz Dospanova who participated in the Great Patriotic War (WWII).
14 мая 2015
©Tengrinews Fresh out of reconstruction with cracks and dents: Uralsk landing strip Landing strip in Uralsk Airport has just passed the first stage of reconstruction. But after a few months it already has cracks and dents. Who is to blame? Is there anyone to blame at all?
21 марта 2015
Photo courtesy of Airplane crash in Kazakhstan: 6 dead, 1 injured AN-2 airplane of Kazakhmys company has crashed in southern Kazakhstan; six people killed, one - severely injured.
21 января 2015
Photo © Sabina Altybekova welcomed by excited fans in Hong Kong airport Volleyball sensation form Kazakhstan Sabina Altynbekova arrived to Hong Kong to the excitement of her local fans.
29 декабря 2014
Google takes over NASA airport in Silicon Valley Ever-growing Google now has an airport to its name: the Internet giant has signed a 60-year lease to run a NASA airbase that comes with massive hangars for dirigibles.
12 ноября 2014
Photo courtesy of Mysterious airplane parts delivered to Aktau airport in Western Kazakhstan Disassembled airplanes of unclear origin have been delivered to the Aktau airport in Western Kazakhstan.
29 октября 2014
Battles leave Lugansk airport, busy tourist hub, in ruins After almost two months of deadly combat between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian guerrillas, the Soviet-era airport has been literally wiped off the map.
13 сентября 2014
Island airport bid fails as London aims to stay on top London mayor Boris Johnson's grand plan for a new airport in the Thames Estuary was rejected.
02 сентября 2014
Car bomb found at Philippines' main airport: authorities Four people were arrested after a bomb was found in a van parked at Manila's international airport, authorities said Monday.
01 сентября 2014
Sukhoi Superjet 100. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstani airline buys Sukhoi Superjet 100 airplanes Kazakhstani airlines company Bek Air signed an agreement with Sukhoi Civil Aircraft to purchase 7 Sukhoi Superjet 100.
01 августа 2014

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