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19.04.2016 14:23 Finance
Argentina returned to international financial markets , receiving offers for its sovereign bonds ahead of its first debt sale in 15 years.
17.02.2016 17:26 Finance
A state-backed "bad bank" that would take over non-performing loans from a country's banks could also be an option for other countries.
27.01.2016 16:01 Finance
Italy and the European Union on Tuesday reached agreement on creating a guarantee vehicle to help Italian banks sell bad loans.
04.11.2015 15:48 Finance
The EU's economic affairs commissioner, Pierre Moscovici, voiced confidence that Greece would reach a "compromise" with its creditors by the end of the week on remaining reforms demanded under its third bailout.
23.10.2015 14:21 Finance
Russia plans to open a $5 billion credit line for Iran to help finance infrastructure projects in the country, officials from both countries said during a visit by Moscow's energy minister.
20.10.2015 12:10 Finance
Standard and Poor's upgraded Ukraine's credit rating from "selective default" thanks to the cash-strapped former Soviet country's ability to strike a major debt write-restructuring deal.
19.09.2015 15:16 Finance
Moody's cut France's sovereign debt rating one notch to Aa2, saying the country will struggle with slow growth and a high debt burden for the next five years.
07.09.2015 13:34 Finance
IMF chief Christine Lagarde heaped praise on Ukraine's reform efforts in a visit to Kiev following a deal to restructure the country's debt burden.
29.08.2015 13:55 Politics
Greece geared up for a snap election next month, with an opinion poll showing the leftist party Syriza ahead despite a wave of defections over the country's massive new bailout.
22.08.2015 13:31 Politics
Rebels from Greece's Syriza party on Friday formed a breakaway parliamentary group after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras resigned.
20.08.2015 18:07 Finance
Kazakhstan has been put on the map of the world's riskiest sovereign debt by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Really?
19.08.2015 11:50 Finance
Spanish lawmakers overwhelming approved Greece's third bailout package following a debate in parliament which the ruling party used to defend its economic record.
13.07.2015 10:27 Finance
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew his country wanted the eurozone to provide a bailout, but one that "respects the Greek people".
12.06.2015 10:49 Finance
Greece's creditors piled pressure on cash-strapped Athens as the IMF pulled its team out of talks and the EU warned Athens to stop gambling with the possibility of default.
11.06.2015 10:43 Politics
The EU's Economic Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said he believed "more than ever" that a debt deal was possible between Greece and its creditors.
22.05.2015 09:56 Finance
Spanish Economy Minister Luis de Guindos said he expects Greece will reach an agreement with its bailout creditors in the "coming days".
06.05.2015 10:21 Finance
The International Monetary Fund said that Greece may need debt relief but rejected news reports that it had pushed for it at a eurozone meeting last month.
09.04.2015 15:06 Finance
Greece is due to make its 459 million euro ($495 million) April loan payment to the IMF following days of uncertainty.
06.04.2015 14:26 Finance
Greece has agreed to repay its debt to the International Monetary Fund by April 9, IMF chief Christine Lagarde said after a meeting with Greek Finance Minister.
11.02.2015 12:48 Politics
Greece's foreign minister said his left-wing government wants to resolve the nation's debt squeeze with Europe.
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