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Photo courtesy of Belize PM says debt deal reached with creditors Belize has reached a deal in principle with creditors to restructure about half of its unpaid debt after "long and arduous" talks, allowing the country to avoid default.
24 декабря 2012
Christmas debt boons for Greece but risks remain Greece opened its Christmas stockings early this year with an unexpected debt rating boon and European Central Bank support but analysts warn that risks remain in the troubled nation's fragile fiscal recovery.
20 декабря 2012
EU leaders end year on high with Greece, bank deals EU leaders put a crisis-hit year behind them at the last summit of 2012 Friday, trumpeting hard-fought deals on Greece and banks but seemed to row back on reforms to fix the euro's shortcomings.
14 декабря 2012
EU on verge of bridging pre-summit gulf on banks watchdog European governments argued through the night in a bid to agree a deal on tightening the oversight of eurozone bank, hours before leaders stage on Thursday their final summit of a gruelling third year in debt-crisis mode.
14 декабря 2012
©RUETERS S. Korea urges North to spend on debt, not missiles South Korea on Friday urged North Korea to repay millions of dollars in debt related to past food aid, and slammed the regime in Pyongyang for squandering scant resources on long-range missile tests.
08 декабря 2012
Photo courtesy of US court gives Argentina new break on debt payment A New York appeals court on Tuesday rejected a motion by hedge funds to force Argentina to make a security deposit as Buenos Aires seeks to overturn an order that it repay $1.3 billion to holders of defaulted bonds.
06 декабря 2012
Greece launches bond buyback programme Greece's PDMA national debt agency said on Monday it had begun a voluntary buyback of the country's bonds at heavily discounted prices, a condition for receiving its latest instalment of EU-IMF bailout funds.
05 декабря 2012
Photo courtesy uf IIF says Greek debt buyback must be 'voluntary' A powerful international bank lobby warned Thursday that the outcome of Greece's looming debt buyback program remains uncertain and warned that it must be "purely voluntary."
01 декабря 2012
EU ministers agree significant debt relief deal for Greece Greece won breathing space Tuesday with long-frozen eurozone loans to restart from December and a first clear admission that a chunk of the country's debt burden will need to be written off down the line.
27 ноября 2012
Hollande discusses debt crisis with top global heads French President Francois Hollande holds talks on Monday with the heads of the World Bank and other top economic bodies to discuss the eurozone debt crisis and ways to kickstart growth.
29 октября 2012
Poland's Central Bank Governor Marek Belka. ©REUTERS Eurozone divorce would 'kill the kids': Polish central banker The debt-ravaged eurozone is in trouble but every effort must be made to keep this currency marriage intact because a divorce would end up "killing the kids.
27 октября 2012
Athens to get two more years to meet deficit target: report The Greek government will get a grace period of an extra two years to rein in its runaway public debt.
25 октября 2012
'Wartime' debt threat to global economy: Lagarde Public debt in developed countries standing at "wartime levels" is the biggest threat to the global economy, IMF chief Christine Lagarde warned in Tokyo on Friday.
12 октября 2012
IMF wants to give Greece two more years The International Monetary Fund is happy for debt-battered Greece to have an extra two years to bring its runaway deficit in line with the demands of global creditors.
12 октября 2012
Spain, France vow action on eurozone crisis The leaders of France and Spain vowed concerted action on the eurozone as they met on Wednesday amid IMF calls for new measures to control the debt crisis threatening the global economy.
12 октября 2012
Greek PM stresses urgency of austerity deal Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras stressed the urgency of sealing an austerity pact ahead of crucial talks Monday between Greek officials and the so-called troika of international creditors.
01 октября 2012
Protests stall US move to aid Egypt: report The protests that erupted in Cairo over an anti-Islam Internet video have stalled talks on relieving $1 billion worth of Egyptian debt to the United States.
19 сентября 2012
Republicans slam Obama as US debt tops $16 trillion Republicans pinned America's "crushing" fiscal burden squarely on President Barack Obama on Tuesday after the national debt passed $16 trillion just before the Democratic National Convention opened.
05 сентября 2012
US and Egypt's flags. Photo courtesy of US nears deal to cut Egypt debt by $1 bn: report The United States is weighing a deal with Egypt's new rulers to relieve $1 billion worth of debt, The New York Times reported Monday.
04 сентября 2012
Catalan Regional President Artur Mas. ©REUTERS/Albert Gea Standard & Poor's cuts Catalonia debt rating to junk status Standard & Poor's slashed Catalonia's debt to junk-bond status Friday, warning of looming financial tensions with Spain's central government.
02 сентября 2012

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