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Photo courtesy of BTA will discuss the non-payment of interest New supplementing agenda was added to the extraordinary general meeting of the stakeholders on 26 January 2012.
12 января 2012
Chairman of the board of BTA Bank Anvar Saidenov. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Planned restructuring of BTA Bank's debt will not affect its clients Chairman of the board of BTA Bank Anvar Saidenov commented on the planned restructuring of the bank's debt.
08 января 2012 stock photo BTA Bank might fail to find money for next repayment BTA Bank might fail to collect enough funds to make the next payment to service its debt.
28 декабря 2011
Japan bought 10% of eurozone fund's latest bonds Japan bought half as many bonds as usual in the eurozone rescue fund's latest issue, an official in Tokyo said Tuesday.
08 ноября 2011
Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister Karim Massimov. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan’s 2010 GDP exceeded combined GDP of 4 Central Asia states twofold In 2010 the national GDP figure exceeded $148 billion.
22 сентября 2011
Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister Karim Massimov. Photo courtesy of External debt of the Kazakhstan’s banking sector shrank by $30 billion In December 2007 the figure stood at $46 billion.
21 сентября 2011
Kazakhstan’s sovereign debt standing at $26.6 billion: Vice Finance Minister According to him, external debt of the Government stands at $3.74 billion.
21 июля 2011
Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Karim Massimov. Screenshot from online-conference at Massimov: Situation with foreign debt in Kazakhstan much better than in any EU country A new strategy of national security sets limits on foriegn debts: Karim Massimov
16 июля 2011
Alimentary Fund to be established in Kazakhstan The Alimentary Funds for single mothers is going to be established in Kazakhstan: a state fund and a community fund.
06 мая 2011
Ministry of Defense dodges heating bills The Ministry of Defense owes about $1.5 million to the company selling oil products for heating at military bases.
19 апреля 2011

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