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Americo Amorim, Portugese businessman, the country's richest man.©Reuters/Nacho Doce Crisis what crisis? Portugal's richest get richer Portugal may be mired in a debt crisis, but its 25 richest people got 16 percent wealthier in 2013, with fortunes equivalent to nearly 10 percent of the country's GDP, rankings published Thursday showed.
29 ноября 2013
Spain's Economy Minister Luis de Guindos talks to European Union Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn (R). ©Reuters/Francois Lenoir Eurozone warns Spain, Italy to deliver on commitments The eurozone Friday warned five countries led by Spain and Italy to deliver on promises to hit deficit and debt targets in national spending plans next year.
24 ноября 2013
Japan gives muted welcome to US debt fix Japan's finance minister on Friday gave a muted welcome to the US debt deal, but hinted at the need for a more permanent solution to the warring in Washington.
18 октября 2013
Kyrgyzstan to pay off its debts for gas supplies before the end of 2013 In line with the schedule, the first $1.5 million is to be paid off in October, with another $5 million in November and the other $5.7 million in December.
17 октября 2013
Congress pulls US back from brink, averts default The United States was spared the ignominy of a disastrous debt default Wednesday when Congress passed a bill extending the nation's borrowing authority and ending a two-week government shutdown.
17 октября 2013
Political chaos pushes US up against debt deadline A day of political disarray Tuesday pushed America to within hours of a debt default deadline, but two veteran senators chased a last-gasp deal to stave off a sudden shock to the global economy.
16 октября 2013
US lawmakers split despite October 17 debt deadline The United States is still facing a potentially devastating sovereign debt default, after senators failed to agree on terms to reopen the federal government and raise the country's borrowing limit.
14 октября 2013
©Reuters/Chris Helgren Struggling Alitalia in last-gasp bid for survival Five years after a botched rescue, Italy's troubled carrier Alitalia gasped for survival on Tuesday buried by a mountain of debt, unpaid gas bills and only the slimmest of options.
09 октября 2013
World Bank removes Iran from list of non-payers The World Bank removed Iran from its list of deadbeat borrowers Friday, saying the Islamic Republic had paid outstanding loan amounts.
28 сентября 2013
US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew. ©REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach US to hit debt ceiling in mid-October: Treasury The US will hit its statutory debt ceiling in mid-October, raising the chance that the government will be forced to default on its debts.
27 августа 2013
Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett. ©REUTERS/Rick Wilking Risky financial crisis derivatives return in new form Collateralized debt obligations, the complex financial instruments that cratered disastrously in the financial crisis, are back.
21 августа 2013
©RIA Novosti Kyrgyzstan owes Kazakhstan $10 million for gas Kyrgyzstan’s debt to Kazakhstan for the natural gas it supplied has reached $10.6 million.
19 августа 2013
©REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis IMF approves 1.7 bn euro loan payout to Greece The International Monetary Fund released 1.72 billion euros ($2.29 billion) in aid for Greece on Monday after completing a review of the country's performance under the international rescue program.
30 июля 2013
Debt, shadow finance bedevil China's economy Decades of breakneck expansion have given China gleaming skyscrapers and sleek railways, but brought piles of debt.
26 июля 2013
Obama kicks off economy tour as new fiscal fight looms US President Barack Obama hits the road this week to drum up support for his economic program as rival Republicans warn of a new showdown over the government's debt ceiling.
24 июля 2013
EU leaders meet as doubts grow over future EU leaders meet this week knowing they have to deliver growth and jobs, especially for the young, as years of debt crisis austerity and soaring dole queues test faith in the European project.
25 июня 2013
Central Bank Governor Gregory Marchenko. © Yaroslav Radlovsky Central Bank Governor on Kazakhstan’s foreign debt In line with international standards, the figure is less than 16% of the country’s GDP and is no threat: Gregory Marchenko.
06 июня 2013
IMF admits 'notable failures' in 2010 Greece rescue The International Monetary Fund on Wednesday admitted to significant failures in the first Greek rescue that forced a second, larger bailout and left the country in a deep recession.
06 июня 2013
US Treasury implements measure to avoid new debt The US Treasury Friday stopped re-investing in a retirement fund, a major step in its efforts to avoid exceeding the debt ceiling.
02 июня 2013
Photo courtesy of Portugal to take two banks to court over swap deals Portugal said Friday it will take banking giants JP Morgan and Santander to court to make them renegotiate deals that have left state-run companies paying hefty interest rates.
28 апреля 2013

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