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18.06.2014 14:43 Politics
Members of the Kashagan project have signed a memorandum with the Kazakhstan Government on stages of the oilfield's development.
08.05.2014 13:43 Companies
Kashagan project in Kazakhstan may get a new operatoring company in the nearest future.
31.10.2013 22:28 Companies
The main reason why ConocoPhillips sold its share in the gigantic pie that everyone wants a bite from has nothing to do with the complexity of the field or the bulging expenses of the consortium to develop it.
04.07.2013 18:38 Politics
Indian Foreign Ministry plans to discuss cooperation in energy with Kazakhstan government after Kazakhstan refused to support Indian ONGC's deal on Kashagan.
03.07.2013 20:26 Politics
ConocoPhillips will sell its 8.4-percent stake in Kashagan to KazMunaiGas for $5 billion.
03.07.2013 15:11 Politics
Kazakhstan plans to execute its priority right to purchase ConocoPhillips’ stake in Kashagan oil and gas project at the Caspian shelf.
07.06.2013 11:34 Politics
I am asking the government to take decisive measures to purchase the share in Kashagan project from ConocoPhillips: Tursunbek Omurzakov.
28.05.2013 18:14 Politics
Indian government gave ONGC Videsh Limited a go to buy a minority stake in Kashagan oilfield from ConocoPhillips for $5.5 billion.
22.05.2013 15:12 Companies
Nursultan Nazarbayev met with Chairman and CEO of ConocoPhillips Ryan Lance who arrived for the 26th meeting of the Foreign Investors Council.
23.04.2013 18:49 Companies
Chinese state and private companies are nearing the finish line in procurement of stakes in Kashagan project, Nursultan and Abai blocks.
15.03.2013 01:03 Companies
According to Kazakhstan geologists, geological reserves of Kashagan are estimated at 4.8 billion tons of oil.
04.02.2013 20:31 Finance
As far as I remember, block N cost $32 million: Oil and Gas Minister.
31.01.2013 20:55 Companies
Kazakhstan's KazMunaiGas and ConocoPhillips Petroleum Holdings B.V. have completed a deal on a stake in N Block B.V.
30.01.2013 11:03 Markets
Kazakhstan Government may decide on purchasing the stake before July 2013.
22.01.2013 11:41 Finance
Oil and Gas Minister emphasized that the decision is to be taken by a special inter-agency committee that is carefully studying the issue at the moment.
25.12.2012 12:53 Markets
The consortium developing the field comprises Eni, Shell, ExxonMobil, Total and KazMunaiGaz (all with a 16.81% stake) as well as ConocoPhillips (8.4%) and Japan's Inpex (7.56%).
21.12.2012 18:42 Companies
US energy giant ConocoPhillips has agreed to sell its Nigerian operations to growing African group Oando for 1.79 billion dollars (1.35 billion euros).
29.11.2012 19:25 Industry, Infrastructure
Kashagan's development in Kazakhstan has already absorbed $116 billion, which makes the project one of the most expensive discoveries of the last 40 years.
28.11.2012 19:36 Politics
Independent expert Olzhas Baidildinov of Kazakhstan has expressed his opinion on the news about ConocoPhillips intent to sell its stake in Kashagan to Indian ONGC.
27.11.2012 14:23 Markets
A day before ConocoPhillips announced its intentions in a press-release, according to which the deal is expected to be finalized in the H1 2013.
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