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People in Astana don't like new apartments? 11 апреля 2014, 19:08

Astana folks abstain from buying apartments in new buildings.
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Astana folks abstain from buying apartments in new buildings, Tengrinews reports citing a real estate expert Ruslan Ungefug from Zhas Kala real estate agency.

More and more buyers are mistrustful about new buildings and prefer apartments in houses built in the 1980s and 1990s. The reason for that, according to Ungefug, is fast deterioration of new buildings. Entrance halls, stairwells and exterior of new buildings wear down unbelievably fast.

“Mostly, new apartment buildings in Astana are losing interest of buyers because people are iffy about the quality of the construction and doubtful of how warm these buildings are. (The issue of warmth is very important in Kazakhstan's capital because its freezing winters and strong winds.) That is why many buyers prefer buying apartments in winter, on freezing days (to be able to feel for themselves if the building can resist the cold). Some buyers are dead set against buying apartments in new buildings, while others buy apartments there, but very cautiously. Buyers are mostly suspicious of buildings that were constructed very fast, say in one year,” Ungefug said.

He added that people in Astana are also suspicious of high-rise buildings. Some fear the fires that happen frequently in high-rise buildings in Astana and are hard to fight because of the heights and lack of special firefighting equipment, and some people are even afraid of elevators falling.

“Last year, most Astana high-rise apartment buildings made the “black list” of city’s firefighting department because they did not have fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers,” the real estate expert noted.

The expert said that habits of the buyers are also important and should be taken into account. Some people prefer certain neighborhoods because of schools and kindergartens. There are neighborhoods in Astana that do not have new apartment buildings.

And in some cases, it just boils down to money issue. “Certainly, not everyone can afford an apartment in a new building in Astana because the apartments are usually bigger than those in older buildings, and the bigger an apartment is the higher the price would be. That said, there are more and more new apartment buildings in Astana with every year,” Ungefug said.

Reported by Azhar Ashirova, writing by Gyuzel Kamalova


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