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Tajik locusts threaten Kazakhstan crops 13 июня 2011, 16:25

Tajik locust larvea is going to be the main threat for Kazakhstan wheat in the coming two years.
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Grasshopper plague. ©RIA Novosti Grasshopper plague. ©RIA Novosti
Tajik locust is a threat to Kazakhstan crops, Tengrinews.kz reports citing President of Kazakhstan Farmers’ Union Auezkhan Darinov. The expert expects only a number of the insects to actually cross the Kazakh-Tajikistan this year. The main danger for Kazakhstan wheat in the coming two years comes from the larvae of Tajik locusts. He noted that if the crops are not treated in time, the locust plague will cover Kazakhstan the following year. This would cause a major drop in Kazakhstan's grain harvests. “As far as I know, the area affected by locust in Tajikistan has been growing. My opinion is that the main danger for our crops is coming from there. That is why we cannot miss the moment to treat our croplands with insecticides. It is important because locust has to be dealt with at the larva stage, i.e. when the insects deposit their eggs, but before harmful larvae pip out of the eggs. Otherwise, we will not be able to prevent the locust plague in the coming years,” Darinov said. He also reminded that Kazakhstan has already faced this problem in the beginning of 2000s. The Minister of Agriculture was released from his office as a consequence. "We need to be ready for unforeseen situations. Besides, the date of Tajik locusts’ arrival into Kazakhstan needs to be registered and soil treatment needs to be done the next spring,” the President of the Farmers’ Union said. As per Deputy Chairman of the State Agricultural Inspection Commission under Kazakhstan Ministry of Agriculture Mukhtar Aliyev, Russia is also dealing with the problems of countering these insects. Kazakhstan signed a special agreement with Russia and Uzbekistan to hold special anti-locust preventive measures. "The countries that have not signed this agreement are the main threat for Kazakhstan. This list includes Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. For our part, we are taking all required measures inside the country", - Aliyev said. According to farmers of Aktobe oblast, Kazakhstan crops may be seriously damaged by two types of these insects, a so-called “Asian” locusts and Italian locusts. By Galima Gabdullina
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